Miss Universe 2023: Lots of kitsch and some bare flesh


On the evening of November 18, the world will have a new Miss Universe.

This year the pageant is being held in El Salvador and we can safely say that we have already seen its most lavish and lavish part where the contestants showed off their unique costumes.

The jury had to evaluate the ingenuity and originality of the carnival costumes and judge which participant and the team behind her showed the most imagination and courage.

Here are some of the most notable contestants and their costumes:

Julia Pavlikova, Bulgaria

Photo: Getty Images

Pavlikova is the winner of the “Miss World Bulgaria” contest and is the child of love between a Bulgarian and a Ukrainian.

She was born in Crimea, grew up in Bulgaria, and her golden costume with huge wings can be compared to an ancient goddess. With him, Julia looked very much like a fine and graceful statuette.

Camila Escribens, Peru

Photo: Getty Images

Miss Peru was one of the few who showed generous amounts of bare flesh.

She combines her homeland’s signature patterns and motifs with a cropped cut that reveals her well-trained body. Her bright, shiny suit also secured her a place in the final.

Diana Silva, Venezuela

Photo: Getty Images

Venezuela has a rich tradition in beauty pageants and knows how to impress both judges and audiences.

Diana Silva is no exception to the rule and stuns with her intricate dragon head costume and abundant feathers. Some, however, criticized her for her outfit being more appropriate for Miss Japan.

Nikoline Urenholt Hansen, Denmark

Photo: Getty Images

The Danish woman also showed a patterned and complex costume in which the most diverse motifs and ideas are intertwined.

On her head is the head of a monster, and ethnic motifs are intertwined in front. Meanwhile, Nikoline is also working on her own collection of clothes and accessories, which she will offer on her website.

Noelia Voight, USA

Photo: Getty Images

The American woman was among the few whose costume idea could not be mistaken.

We have the sign of the legendary Route 66, the Empire State Building, the White House, the flags of the various states. In other words, Noelia ranked among the most patriotic-looking misses.

Marielia Zalumi, Greece

Photo: Getty Images

Zalumi emerged with an Olympic athlete’s torch, a laurel wreath on his head and a strong message calling for valuable stolen artifacts to be returned to their homelands.

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