I will not resign today

I will not resign today
I will not resign today

He made the statement after finishing his hearing at the Anti-Corruption Commission (KPCONPI) in Sofia, where he was summoned after the prosecutor’s office announced that it was starting an investigation in the Federal Security Service.

By order of the Acting Chief Prosecutor Borislav Sarafov, the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office begins an investigation into the activities of the President and the management of the Federal Security Service. The accusation was self-reported in connection with numerous publications in the media containing information about committed violations and/or crimes of a different nature – spending of public resources, “black lottery” and others, by the leadership of the Bulgarian Football Union, including and by the president of the federation Bobi Mihailov. The work on the inspection has been assigned to the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office (SGP), which is yet to clarify facts and circumstances related to the activities of the football federation in recent years. In the course of the inspection, information is to be requested from various state institutions – Ministry of Youth and Sports, NRA, etc.

“I will not resign today. You will receive answers to all questions next week. We have a collective body that we will gather and to which I will tell what I will do. There you will receive answers to all questions, including financial ones about the activities of the BFS”. Mihailov stated.

He added that he does not feel guilty for what happened yesterday because UEFA is the organizer of the match and has decided that it should be without an audience.

Borislav Mihailov’s comment is not a surprise. Already yesterday, representatives of the Bulgarian Football Union did not seem worried either by the protests against them, or by the escalations that set fire to the center of Sofia. Mass indignation was caused by the reactions of the Bulgarian Football Union after the match last night. On leaving the stadium, former football legends like Yordan Lechkov, Emil Kostadinov and Borislav Popov were either arrogant, or vulgar, or deafeningly silent. Read what they said when they left Vasil Levski Stadium here.

What happened last night?

Football fans from all clubs demanded the resignation of Bobi Mihailov and others in the BFS because of the scandalous management of their favorite sport in the last 18 years.

The cup spilled because of the decision of the BFS to move the match between Bulgaria and Hungary from Sofia to Plovdiv because of the intentions of the agitators to protest from the stands. BFS also tried to wash their hands of the SDVR, who denied that they had said that the match could not be held with an audience and there would be problems with its security. The ball was also passed to UEFA. FrogNews has already written that it is not entirely clear whether it was BFS who initiated the transfer of the match with misleading information to the Union of European Football Associations. UEFA refused to comment, and in an article by the Associated Press agency from last night we read:

“Fearing further unrest against his leadership, Borislav Mihailov last week asked UEFA, European football’s governing body, to order the match to be played behind closed doors due to exceptional circumstances. Fans said the union’s move was “unprecedented” as there is no other time in football history when a football union has voluntarily asked to host a football match without fans”.

However, the protest took place. Tensions rose further after police tried to disperse the rioters with water cannons. Plastic and glass bottles flew from the flyers, bombs were thrown. A bus was also set on fire. Serious material damage was caused in the heart of Sofia. There were reports of people seriously injured. There are dozens of detainees.


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