ONLY ON PEAK TV! The former energy minister Rosen Hristov dusted the PPDB: They protect Russian interests tooth and nail and work with Vazrazhdane (UPDATED/VIDEO)


The former energy minister Rosen Hristov makes an analysis before Sonia Koltuklieva for PIK TV about the derogation, about the scandal with “Lukoil” and whether there really is an arms dealer who arranged commissions for the “Denkov” cabinet, as claimed by Delyan Peevski, chairman of the DPS parliamentary group .

Hristov began his guest appearance in our studio by reminding the previous guest Manoil Manev that he was one of the most popular caretaker governments in the parliament, comparing him to the current Rumen Radev and specifying that the ratio was 1 to 10 in his favor.

More or less a year has passed. Certainly, the design of the caretaker government is not intended for the fragmentation of the political situation in the country, Hristov said about the time he was caretaker energy minister appointed by Rumen Radev.

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“We have three options – one is the delivery of Russian oil according to the approved derogation and low fuel prices in Bulgaria. For deliveries from Russia, A-95 gasoline should be around 2.30-2.40 per column and “Lukoil” should be pays taxes. Low prices are good for citizens, for businesses, and for the state to collect its contributions from the excise tax. This is what the caretaker government chose. Here there is a risk of suspension of supplies due to a political decision on the part of Russia”, he commented on the scandals surrounding the lifting of the derogation for Lukoil.

“Second option – we remove the derogation and let Lukoil work with non-Russian oil. Here, risks from geopolitical reasons are minimized, but non-Russian oil will lead to higher prices per barrel. Third option – we have a derogation and Russian oil, but also high prices per column. Who is interested? The Russian oligarchs,” he continued.

Hristov stated that “Lukoil” paid over BGN 160 million in tax to the treasury in two installments.

“The option that GERB and DPS offer is to drop the derogation and work with non-Russian oil. In Romania, they work in this way, it can be seen that it can be done, of course, they pay slightly higher prices,” explained Rosen Hristov.

According to him, the PP did the same thing for the second time – “Lukoil” pays its taxes abroad, and the prices are over BGN 3 per column, while at the same time they protect the oligarchs from Russia tooth and nail.

He also made a comparison between the prices of gasoline in our country and in Greece, where there is no derogation and Russian oil, but the prices are much lower than in Bulgaria.

Hristov also slightly disagreed with Delyan Dobrev’s claims that the refinery can be rebuilt to work with non-Russian oil in 24 hours.

“They are defending the Russian derogation that they engineered and are now defending tooth and nail along with Revival.” There is no problem if there is a derogation and the prices are 2.30 per column, but the prices are over BGN 3, we let the Russian oligarchs win. These are the owners of Lukoil, it’s hard to trace who owns what share, but the money goes to Russia. I don’t believe that anyone can defend such a policy… PP during their rule, Russia benefits the most “, he reported.

“Jemcorp” proved to the National Assembly that it is a fraud. What is the problem? If we decide that we are looking for investments, it is the minister’s job to go to meet and attract partners, but let’s say that the minister does not have such an opportunity, we work with an investment partner, he commented on the Gemcorp affair.

I know Bostanjiyski, he was offered, he accepted, that’s his job. The question is why you go to Gemcorp, and not look for an established partner, he added.

BGN 350 per megawatt hour for gas, over BGN 1,000 per megawatt unit for electricity, BGN 3.50 fuel per column, Hristov pointed out the results of the first management of “Promyanata”.

“In the energy industry, you cannot choose partners for commissions, but you must have a vision and strategy for development,” Hristov pointed out, describing Kiril Petkov’s appearances on the international scene as ridiculous.

Rosen Hristov revealed that he had negotiated a good price with Framatom, what could happen to the Belene NPP site. And he recalled the appearance of Denkov, who said that the equipment would be sold to Ukraine – the price was determined by an estimate of a Spanish accounting firm through its Greek office. The price itself was kept confidential. He also asked if Westighouse could install Russian equipment without a license from the manufacturer.

“I don’t see any drama at all in Lukoil being sold to some company. There are companies in the world. I know that they have been discussing the sale of their asset in Romania for a long time. The owners are a private Russian company, despite the state’s golden share. This producer is strategic for Bulgaria and the state must have some form of control. If everything becomes transparent, some company comes along that works more efficiently and we as citizens benefit from this effect with lower speaker prices, there is nothing wrong. But if there is pressure on Lukoil to sell the refinery to a certain person, this will not be good for Bulgaria. Knowing the people and what they have been doing in the coming months and years, I cannot help but have such doubts,” Rosen Hristov pointed out.

“We are talking about hundreds of millions, the normal commission is from 3 to 5%, but this is under all normal conditions. When you set up a deal in one way, we are not talking about commissions, but fraud”, he continued with the analysis of the situation with Lukoil ” the former minister.

“The biggest problem was with gas supplies. The supplies were organized so that some intermediaries could sell Bulgaria expensive gas month after month, week after week. Another problem was the supply of nuclear fuel for the Kozloduy NPP. We signed a contract for the supply of nuclear fuel with both the French and the Americans for three months. They failed for 9 months, how did they fail to hold one public tender for normal gas supply? The problem with Gemcorp came up after your posts, we started looking for this memorandum, we found it in a drawer, we gave it to Parliament. There was information leaked, we were not able to trace everything, information was packaged and sent to certain people. There were some people who went, they presented themselves as employees of the Ministry of Finance, we were not able to specify who these people are and who sent them,” said Hristov about the skeletons in the closet that he found after taking the place of caretaker energy minister.

Rosen Hristov asked what happened to the decision of the National Assembly on the re-signing with the renegotiated parameters of the Recovery Plan, which was supposed to take place on October 15.

“I met the president three weeks before I was appointed acting minister, we were not close friends. I haven’t heard from him recently,” Hristov said more about his friendship with President Rumen Radev.

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