Why is it that because of this waste oil, PP are ready to drop shipping (VIDEO)

Why is it that because of this waste oil, PP are ready to drop shipping (VIDEO)
Why is it that because of this waste oil, PP are ready to drop shipping (VIDEO)

How come they are ready for the government to fall because of this empty oil, GERB leader Boyko Borisov said in a statement to the media.

Nor do we have to divide Lukoil, he pointed out.

How is it that because of this oil waste and this money they are apparently ready for the government to fall, to gather with the supposed opposition parties – Vazrazhdane, ITN and BSP and that this is more important than the government. “Lukoil” is a private company directly subordinate to the Kremlin – this is an indisputable fact. That violations were committed, they were committed, that is clear. Dobrev is in Washington and will tell. The big question is not which minister should resign, but why it is so important.

We support the cabinet if it does the right things and good laws, Borisov also said. We are not a quorum party. And we do not provide a quorum to those who decided to bring down the government, to give up the government just for the sake of oil.”were Borisov’s angry words to the media.

According to Borisov the sports minister must resign, as well as the head of the BFS Borislav Mihailov.

Terziev during the pogroms invited me to a meeting, the mayor of Sofia, GERB leader Boyko Borisov, also reproached.

According to him, after last night’s pogrom in the center of Sofia, it is not the interior minister who should resign, but the sports minister.

“He has to submit the Minister of Sports immediately resigned because he was exacerbating the situation in recent days. Before that, Borislav Mihailov must resign, immediately! Terziev, who allowed the agitators to gather for a peaceful protest – how are you going to gather opposing agitators for a peaceful protest? Borisov kept getting angry.

For the sake of one, not to call him Borislav Mihailov with the most insulting words, blood was spilled in Sofia and Terziev resolved this thing. As a result, these provocations could not be ignored. And the most interesting thing is that at 7.30, when Sofia is burning, I receive an email for a meeting from the mayor of Sofia. At 7.30 – instead of looking at the city, he writes me an email.” the GERB leader blurted out.

Before that, an emergency meeting of the PG of GERB was held. It had to decide whether Boyko Borisov’s people would enter the plenary hall to complete the no-confidence motion against the government. This was announced by the chairman of the group, Desislava Atanasova, in an interview with bTV. When asked if GERB would support the vote, she categorically stated: NO!

We will not allow someone with 30 people’s representatives to dictate to us, said Atanasova.

“It’s terrible to talk about a football derby and associate it with arrests. It was clear that there would be tension. The measures of the Metropolitan Municipality were not enough, this protest should have been banned”, commented Atanasova.

As for the resignation of Borislav Mihailov, we have had a political position since 2019 – then Boyko Borisov asked for his resignation, she said.

In 2013, due to exceeding police powers and a bloodied man, Borisov resigned, Atanasova recalled

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