Dimitar Berbatov: The middle finger shown by the vice-president of the BFS sums up everything – BG football

Dimitar Berbatov: The middle finger shown by the vice-president of the BFS sums up everything – BG football
Dimitar Berbatov: The middle finger shown by the vice-president of the BFS sums up everything – BG football

Dimitar Berbatov commented to bTV the incident with the fans’ protest against the BFS management, which escalated from peaceful to clashes between supporters and the police. He stated that he was at the protest and watched live what was happening.

“Of course I expressed support for a peaceful protest. Yes, I was there at the protest, as early as 5 p.m., to see how people were gathering, where would I stand to watch all the things that were happening. To fulfill my civic duty. I didn’t want to steal attention from the protest. We have been openly protesting for 2 and a half years. I did my duty as a fan and citizen. I saw an unprecedented gathering of fans – CSKA, Levski, Loko, Botev, Cherno More, Beroe, all were there to protest what was happening and were not allowed to enter the stadium to support the national team. If they had been allowed in, things like this would not have happened. The fans would have filled the stadium and shouted “Resignation”, but they are directed at the management of the BFS, who probably would not be in the stadium then, because they do not want to listen to those cries. They were not going to protest against the team, but against the leaders,” said Berbatov.

“Everyone condemns aggression in any form, I called for a peaceful protest, because aggression begets aggression. Who started it – you have to ask the SDVR. There was no fight between fans, inside the protest itself. I wanted to position myself and see what was happening. All the time we followed what was happening in the media. There was no fight between the fans,” he added.

“No one imagined anything like this. After 18 years of incompetence and bringing football to this level, we are all realistic that when football is repressed, at some point, there will be a situation where emotions will run high. We all know very well who is the root cause of the whole problem. These are the managers of Bulgarian football. They showed it after the match. Even with one gesture, if we can sum up the whole thing. One middle finger from the BFS vice president. This summarizes the entire management and opinion of what is happening,” said Berbatov.

“I express my civil position and as a fan. Going to the game was taken away from me. That’s why the fans are protesting. They are forced to come to such coins. No one wants extremes,” he added.

“Responsibility must be shown by the governing bodies of native football by immediate resignation. They got off topic, made gestures. Insolence and stupidity that springs from their mouths. If there is an excess of authority on the part of the police, this should also be addressed. Nobody likes being clubbed when you’re on the ground. The whole thing that we saw last night is sad to see, but it is because the Bulgarian fan was made to suffer and when you take the football away from him, the height of emotions will escalate,” said Berbatov.

“Having contacts in UEFA I hope to get the letters that BFS paid to UEFA to see exactly what BFS said to UEFA so we can get to the truth,” concluded the former striker.

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