Vanya Grigorova: Terziev and Ninova can have whatever conversations they want

Vanya Grigorova: Terziev and Ninova can have whatever conversations they want
Vanya Grigorova: Terziev and Ninova can have whatever conversations they want

“What we are seeing is disturbing. What happened last night is a very firm approach taken against the Zapalyankov fans and football fans, and it is right that someone takes responsibility for this,” Sofia municipal councilor Vanya Grigorova commented to BTA before the session of the Administrative Court in Sofia in the election case.

“The dissatisfaction with the management of the BFS is very serious, but the violence seen is not unusual for a European country. On the contrary, Sofia last night looked like Paris, but this is not the way to solve the serious problems that exist in football,” Grigorova noted.

Regarding the invitation for talks sent by Vasil Terziev to the BSP leader Cornelia NinovaGrigorova commented that they can have whatever conversations they wantbut she herself is a municipal councilor who is not part of the BSP.

That’s why these conversations have nothing to do with her position in the Municipal Council, explained Grigorova.

A little later the chairman of the BSP-Sofia and the group of socialists in the Sofia Municipal Council, Ivan Takov, commented that Sofia cannot be a pledge to settle relations in the governing assembly at the national level.

At a joint meeting of the Executive Bureau of the capital organization of the BSP and the Group of Municipal Councilors in the SOS, it was decided that representatives of the socialists from Sofia would not participate in such a meeting, reported the press center of the Sofia Organization of Socialists.

“The decision we made is to once again broadcast our candidate for the chairman of the SOS. We will not support Boris Bonev for this post“, said Ivan Takov, quoted in the press release. He defined the invitation to a meeting sent by Vasil Terziev as a “PR action of the mayor”.

“We have already heard that the bet for the survival of the government was the election of Vasil Terziev as mayor of Sofia. There is currently a pending vote of no confidence in the government, the vote of which was postponed until next Wednesday. We cannot participate in the backroom deals to save the government,” said the chairman of the BSP-Sofia.

Ivan Takov once again expressed the willingness of the municipal councilors from the “BSP for Bulgaria” group to participate in talks with the other political groups in the SOS about the problems of Sofia. “The talks should be within the framework of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, as a body of local self-government. There is no need for Vasil Terziev to be a mediator,” he commented.

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