Georgi Klisurski: We expect an increase of about BGN 80 in the average pension

Georgi Klisurski: We expect an increase of about BGN 80 in the average pension
Georgi Klisurski: We expect an increase of about BGN 80 in the average pension

“We expect the average pension to increase by about BGN 80. The wage increase is set in the macroeconomic forecast by 10-12%. We are investing BGN 375 million in additional funds with which to increase salaries in the state sector, but primarily increasing salaries in those institutions where they are lagging behind – NSI, archives, NSI. The resource has not yet been allocated, we want the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop a methodology for the increase”. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Georgi Klisurski, who leads the team determining Bulgaria’s budget, in the program “The Day Live” on NOVA NEWS.

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“There is no way to be 100% sure that Gazprom will pay the contribution for gas transit through the pipeline that passes through Bulgaria. There were countries such as Hungary, Serbia, Austria that initially expressed indignation when the measure was announced. Then we reassured them that they, having a long-term contract with Gazprom, would not pay, and that Gazprom should pay the transit fee. Now there is uncertainty as to whether the money will be paid, as the company is not located in the EU”, said Klisurski.

He explained that this would lead to a revision of the budget. “We are reducing these expected revenues – BGN 2.4 billion, we are reducing the total capital expenditure by the equivalent amount. We had invested over BGN 12 billion in the total capital program, now it will be around BGN 10 billion,” said the Deputy Finance Minister .

Klisurski explained that Bulgaria is now building five highways at the same time. The idea is for the municipalities to submit their priority projects to the Ministry of Finance or to the Ministry of Regional Planning and Development. “When they submit to us the projects for which they are ready, we will work on that priority list to ensure that the capital program will start to be implemented,” he said.

The Deputy Finance Minister explained that this budget belongs to European Bulgaria. He is in the “Denkov-Gabriel” cabinet, there are many European goals in him. To specify the debt ceiling, he explained that it limits the maximum amount of new debt that the state could have. “We limit it only to the deficit and refinancing of old debt,” said the Deputy Finance Minister.

GERB-SDS, DPS and PP-DB agreed on the derogation, the budget and the majorities

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