We need an urgent restart of our football


The track is rap with pop folk motifs, we are not looking for popularity, say the creators

“We don’t think anything about this person Borislav Mihailov. We don’t say that his doppelganger is in the clip, the Bulgarian is an intelligent person and if you see him in the video, it’s a completely personal interpretation.”

This is what the creators of the hit song “Song for BFS” from the YouTube channel “Kanal Uh Sport” commented to “Bulgaria Dnes”, pointing out that any resemblance to real people is accidental. The video features a young man who is a complete copy of Mihailov and dances just like him. His gestures and facial expressions strongly resemble those of the president of our football union.

The group of friends, as they call themselves, are not revealing who sings on the track and will keep the artist under wraps for some time.

“We made the song a few months ago, but we decided that now is the time to release it. We are not looking for popularity and we did not expect such good results on the Internet (ed. – in just one day “Song for BFS” has accumulated over 80 thousand views).We define the style of the piece as complex – rap, which is mixed with pop-folk motifs”, explains Channel Uh Sport.

The music and arrangement are by Ivo Nikolaev, the recording is by Bate Pesho, backing vocals are by Donna Zlatarova, and the beauty Tsvete Lozanova from “Fermata 7” also stars in the clip. The video also features Ivaylo Gerasimov from the reality TV show, we understand from the information below the video on the YouTube page.

In the text of the song, we can find several strong phrases that refer precisely to the personality of Borislav Mihailov:

“We beat the Germans both at football and at beer,

now that i think of it, the wig vibrates too.

Daddy Bobby resignation feigns

daddy bobby is going to feint you now.

Be fe se, Be fe se, forever in my arms.

How are you going to take me down? You don’t have enough votes.

my elixir is called johnny

from Befessetto I pour millions.

Our football will not pass,

because he’s in chains, because he’s at Bobby’s.”

“Part of our team are former athletes and we see that our football is not in a flourishing state. Here I am not referring to who is in charge and whether to resign, but that we are going in a negative direction. This is a sport that brought joy to people, but now that joy is gone. That’s exactly why an urgent decision is needed. We don’t believe that suspending our national team and championship is a good idea, as we don’t want to lose the matches for a few years. The restart must be done immediately.” , the artists comment before the newspaper.

And they promise to continue making new community projects, not all of them musical.

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