First dismissal in the Ministry of Internal Affairs after the violence, Denkov released the deputy. interior minister


After calls from the PP-DB for the resignation of Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov due to the bloodied protests yesterday, the department was dismissed, but his deputy – Stoyan Temelakiev, who is directly responsible for operational activities in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, Nikolay Denkov did not spare his criticism of the interior minister, who, according to his data, was at the cinema last night during the protests. On the other hand, he had no criticism of Sports Minister Dimitar Iliev, whose resignation was demanded by GERB-SDS.

In a statement to the media in the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov explained that he fired the deputy minister because of the “chaotic actions of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the organization of yesterday’s match.”

“Instead of a football celebration, yesterday we observed ugly scenes of violence. The main reason is the long-term management of the current management of the BFS, which led to the decline of Bulgarian football without any visible prospect of development.

The chaotic actions of this management regarding the organization of yesterday’s match further increased the tension. We must also add mistakes in the organization on the part of the leaderships in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who gathered the conflicting agitations in one place”. announced the prime minister as the reason for Temelakiev’s removal.

Regarding the demands for the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalin Stoyanov Denkov said that he will discuss the matter first with the Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel, as well as the next steps on this topic. On where the minister was during last night’s protests, he said:

I got information that he was at a movie screening of some kind, which is quite disturbing. As you know, at that time we had a meeting of the Council of Ministers. The minister was replaced by Deputy Minister Temelakiev, so at one point I had to tell him “please go and do your job”. So there was clearly a coordination problem there.”

Denkov pointed out that sees an inadequate assessment of the situation by Kalin Stoyanov:

“I spoke with him several times yesterday and he assured me that he did not expect any particular problems and provocations. This morning his comment was that nothing in particular happened”.

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Denkov was asked and whether Kalin Stoyanov was pressured to work for PP-DB, as Delyan Peevski told the media earlier. “If I have pressured Stoyanov in anything, it is to fulfill his obligations regarding the organization of the vote and regarding all parties”:

Yes, I have had several conversations – “you and the team must not allow there to be a violation of the electoral law”. That’s what we’ve had. This is his job, I never pressured him on specific parties”.

Regarding the resignation of the Sports Minister requested by GERB-SDS, the Prime Minister indicated that there is no criticism of him.

“Regarding the organization of these matches, he has no direct responsibilities. They are related to the correspondence between BFS and UEFA, about where and how the match will be organized, after which the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior must organize the security, including the planning of the event. Two main problems I saw – the gathering of the agitators and violence by individual police officers. We saw videos of things that should not happen”.

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The Prime Minister also emphasized that blame should not be thrown wholesale on everyone. “It should not be said – everyone is guilty. A deputy in the SDVR is responsible for this organization. Whoever is responsible, he must take responsibility. Temelakiev is in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and he took responsibility. In the SDVR, an analysis must be made and take responsibility responsibility. It’s not the fault of SDVR as a whole. It could have been much worse last night, but an analysis needs to be done,” summed up the prime minister.

The Prime Minister has tasked the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Zhivko Kotsev, with a maximum speedy and objective investigation.

Denkov has also sent a letter to the UEFA headquarters and to the ethical control ethics commission of the Union of European Football Associations with a request to hear their opinion on the organization of the ill-fated meeting between Bulgaria and Hungary.

He thanked all the peacefully protesting soccer fans, as well as all the policemen who dutifully fulfilled their duty “without showing violence in an extremely difficult situation full of provocations”.

With regard to the vote of no confidence, Denkov again recalled his position that the immediate cancellation of the derogation will lead to an upheaval in the fuel market in our country.

“I will not take any decision that is not reasonable for the state. The proposal for 3 days to withdraw the derogation is absolutely unreasonable with very high risks shown by various institutions. This request is not in accordance with any political logic, except one – to set political traps The decisions will always be those that I consider reasonable for the country, the people, the business. I will not succumb to arm wringing. As long as I can make the right decisions, I will. GERB and DPS, who are together, have every right to overthrow the government. Let them do it,” Denkov pointed out.

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