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Dogan hints today about the new leadership in DPS

Dogan hints today about the new leadership in DPS
Dogan hints today about the new leadership in DPS

4 months later Mestan triumvirate led the party. Now again so much after Karadai, but personally the honorary chairman together with Peevski in the parliament

Exactly 10 days after it became clear that DPS chairman Mustafa Karadai was resigning and Ahmed Dogan was returning to take over operational leadership in person until a new leader was chosen.

today is X-day

important for the ranks of the DPS, but also for the future of the “assembly” and in general for the political development of the country.

This Friday, the Central Council of the movement is meeting, the meeting will be personally chaired by Dogan. In the short time between the resignation and the meeting of the CS of the DPS, enough signs were given to await with impatience (and by some with tension) what reading the leader would give them.

During this time, Delyan Peevski formally assumed the role of leader of the party in the parliament. As well as an active role in the formats in which key issues such as the budget, the fate of Russian oil and the government as a whole are negotiated with the co-governors.

At today’s meeting, the date on which the National Conference will meet to elect the new leader of the DPS should also become clear.

How exactly it will be managed until then, nothing was heard from the headquarters of “Stamboliyski”. It only became clear that a meeting of the Central Operational Bureau (COB) – the tight leadership – was held on Tuesday, and that Dogan led it together with Delyan Peevski. Karadai was not present, as well as the ousted Vice-President Ahmed Akhmedov, who is close to him.

In Thursday

the until recently head of the DPS was also removed from the parliamentary committees,

in which he was a member, although he remains an MP for now. Both he and Akhmedov were in that of internal security and public order. Karadai did not get a place in any other, and Akhmedov was sent to those on human rights and sports.

In the meantime, the DPS website is also being renewed. The latest news about Karadai has disappeared and has already been replaced by news about Peevski. The composition of the CSO is also missing.

And although the party history of the retired leader is no longer recorded there, observers remember that for 4 months in 2016, before Karadayi was elected chairman, the DPS went through an unusual form of governance. A triumvirate took over the party after the overthrow and expulsion of Lyutvi Mestan – temporary co-presidents were Cetin Kazak, Rushen Riza and Mustafa Karadai.

After all, exactly 4 months will pass even now from the resignation of Karadai until the election of a new president. The conference will be in February 2024.

At the conference in April 2016, she chose Karadai from among the three, and it was one of Dogan’s last public appearances. The last time the cameras caught Sokola briefly was at Lili Ivanova’s concert at the National Theater in May of this year. And 3 years ago during the protests near the so-called seaside barn in Rosenets, he surprised the audience by appearing from behind the roses he grows there and waved with a smile.

Today there are members of the Central Council of the DPS who are looking forward to seeing Ahmed Dogan in person. And above all, to hear what direction he will set in his speech.

The direction will definitely be towards modernization of the party, say its innermost circle. And leadership to take her to another level. Its role in the priorities that underpin the current government is already clear and recognized publicly by the PP and DB, and personally by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov. They mention the name of Delyan Peevski without a trace of his former ostracism when it comes to the change in the constitution and the passing of a decision in the National Assembly.

Peevski himself clearly announced that neither now nor during the rotation, the DPS has any intention of proposing ministers and thus sharing power.

And how long will he continue to support her – today he and Dogan will have the hard word.

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