Kristina Petkova, PP-DB: We are waiting for Borislav Mihailov to give explanations in the parliament


I trust that Borislav Mihailov will have courage and give an explanation to the deputies about the bloody scenes in Sofia that accompanied the match “Bulgaria-Hungary”. This was said in the program “Face to Face” on BTV, MP from PP-DB Kristina Petkova, who is also a member of the Commission for Youth and Sports in the National Assembly.

“On Wednesday, we will first hear in the committee the director of the commercial company that manages Arena Burgas.” There is a discrepancy in the statements. In the director’s letter, everything is “flowers and roses”, but in the audit report of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, there is a serious discrepancy in the documents, in the procedures carried out and in the equipment received. That is why we have invited the director to hear his point of view as well,” she said.

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However, at her suggestion, the agenda of the commission’s meeting included a second item – to hear the president of the Bulgarian Football Union. Kristina Petkova urged Borislav Mihailov to respond to the MPs’ invitation, because they want to get to know the entire organization of the Bulgaria-Hungary match and to understand why the riots in Sofia happened.

“What we saw happening in Sofia is unacceptable at any level. I had gone to the protest with my daughter, but I returned because I saw what was happening. There was no way I could take a 3 year old there. But I want to specify that the mayor of Sofia cannot be blamed for the development of the events, because the protest has a notifying, not a permissive, regime,” she added.

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Kristina Petkova is also categorical that the interior minister underestimated the situation and therefore he should resign. According to her, SDVR is also to blame. He does not wonder why Kalin Stoyanov is at the cinema while people are fighting on the streets of Sofia.

“I must congratulate Nikolay Denkov for his reaction and for asking for the resignation of the Deputy Interior Minister,” she said and added that the PP-DB will hold to the end the resignation of Minister Kalin Stoyanov. Kristina Petkova also commented on the “price” of the assembly: “It’s high, but it’s worth it.”

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