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Mbappe: Even after the final of the World Cup I knew who would win the Ballon d’Or – France

Mbappe: Even after the final of the World Cup I knew who would win the Ballon d’Or – France
Mbappe: Even after the final of the World Cup I knew who would win the Ballon d’Or – France

France national team captain Kylian Mbappe made an interesting revelation ahead of the Euro 2024 qualifier against Gibraltar in Germany.

He commented on his status in the team and the likelihood of playing in the Olympic Games in Paris: “I last spoke in June, then I said that I will not appear at all press conferences. I am not hierarchically more important than Antoine Griezmann. My employer will decide whether I play in the Paris Olympics. It would be a pleasure for me, but if they decide otherwise, I will comply with the decision. It won’t take long to decide. I personally want to play, I think people want it too.”

“The coach wants us to adapt to different opponents. This allows me to play in different positions. I can improve in some ways. Here the coach gives me complete freedom on the left wing. Luis Enrique wants a more structured game from me. I adapt to any scheme and am interested in listening to the great coaches I work with. This is not a question about the French national team: if you want to know if I will sign a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain, come to our campus and I will answer there. It’s not something that weighs on me, I don’t think about it on the pitch,” he said of his work with Didier Deschamps in the national team and Luis Enrique in his club team.

“Warren Zaire-Emery is impressive. He is already very mature. He is a modern midfielder who is not afraid to distribute the ball. I have no advice to give him. He learns on his own and very quickly. At 17, he is the age of my little brother. I am not old, but with such young people I feel a little older. Our goal is to protect them. I’m not a coward. The ranking for the Ballon d’Or is what it is. Lionel Messi became the world champion and he deserves it. Even after the World Cup final, I knew who was going to win it,” concluded the France and Paris Saint-Germain star.

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