Dian Todorov comments on the videos of the carnage of Hamas in Israel

Dian Todorov comments on the videos of the carnage of Hamas in Israel
Dian Todorov comments on the videos of the carnage of Hamas in Israel

Israel. Photo: Kofas

The current situation with hostilities between Israel and Hamas has sparked controversy over whether Israel is within its rights to strike Gaza and whether it complies with international law. The subject commented Dian Todorov. We publish without editorial intervention:

“Turkey, Iran, Syria, the so-called palestinians, neo-nazis, transsexuals, extreme leftists, etc. blame Israel and its policies without mentioning Hamas’ atrocities. Posters of Israeli child hostages are being taken down in the West. Attacks against Jews and their institutions such as synagogues, schools, etc. were reported in many countries. Anti-Jewish sentiment is on the rise again in Europe, especially among the multitudes of migrants flooding the West.

The hatred of many Muslims for Jews dates back 1400 years and is embedded in the texts of Muslim religious books. Unlike many, I know what the ideology of Hamas is.

Israel recently invited journalists to whom it showed a film with brutal footage of the massacre of civilians, but not everything was made public. However, there is footage of the carnage circulating freely on the internet, captured by the terrorists themselves, CCTV cameras, the victims’ phones or the cameras of Israeli soldiers and police, incl. by some Palestinian journalists who were present at the massacre.

For the latter, the question arises of their morality and whether they had prior information about Hamas’s intentions. Even the Associated Press has announced that it no longer works with one of them.

Here’s some of the footage you can see on the net, with a warning that it’s not for the faint of heart:

In one of the shots, a father is seen pulling his entire family out through a small window on their roof as Hamas men close in on them. All his family members get out successfully, but finally the father’s body falls, indicating that he was shot by the terrorists.

Another shot: A woman is hiding under a table, Hamas are talking next to her, shining flashlights, then they shoot at the woman and her scream is heard.

Another video: A woman is pulled out of the trunk of a Toyota SUV, the area around her private parts is soaked in blood, especially the back of her pants, indicating that she has been brutally raped. Horns and shouts of “Allah Akbar” are heard and she is ushered into the back seat as the audience, which is made up of Palestinians, cheers.

Another popular clip was of a woman in a pickup truck, identified as Shani Luk, an Israeli-German woman, in only her underwear, an unnaturally bent leg /broken/ and a head wound, possibly dead or unconscious, surrounded by Palestinians shouting “Allah akbar !”. One of the men around spits on her as the pickup drives off.

Other footage shows an elderly woman, identified as 85-year-old Yafa Adar, being kidnapped in a golf cart by Hamas.

Another shot shows a Thai worker at a kibbutz being tried to beheaded by Hamas with a hoe, and shouts of “Allah akbar!” are heard again.
Let’s go back to the beginning of the story with the invasion of Israel on October 7th of this year. Hamas storms in on motorbikes shouting “Allah Akbar!” and laughing happily.

In another shot, we see many armed terrorists in Israel shooting at a passing civilian car, which slows down after the shooting.

Other footage shows dead bodies of Israelis being taken out and thrown on the road by terrorists, and other footage shows lifeless bodies on the ground being shot at.
Many lifeless bodies are seen on the road. There is no doubt that this is done in order for Hamas to glorify their actions – they perceive the killing of peaceful civilians as heroism.

Other footage shows an Israeli couple escaping in their vehicle. Terrorists storm a kibbutz, shoot, and one even films his own death.
A pet dog walks towards a Hamas terrorist and is shot. A man in a house falls to the ground when a Hamas terrorist shoots at him. A family is held hostage and their son is forced to walk around the kibbutz as a decoy and call the neighbors.

Another shot shows a failed attempt by a terrorist to set fire to a family home. Dead workers are seen. One of the corpses twitches and a Hamas terrorist immediately shoots at it. A woman on a motorcycle kidnapped by Arabic-speaking men has been identified as Noa Arghamani, 27, who pleaded not to be killed. Her partner can also be seen, arms curled behind his back, being held by terrorists. The terrorists are in civilian clothes.

Terrorists with weapons invade Israel dressed in civilian clothes, it is impossible to determine who is a fighter and who is a civilian, i.e. it is difficult to prove whether Israel is killing fighters or civilians. Most of the terrorists are in civilian clothes.

Another video: A Muslim man photographs captive Israeli women and calls them “sabaya,” a term used in Islamic jurisprudence for infidel women used as sex slaves. Young people are being loaded onto a pickup truck, one of them with a severed hand that is bleeding. One of the terrorists leads a captured girl to the pickup truck, but another tells him not to take her because she was a “sabaya”. Youths are seen running away from the festival with nowhere to hide. An Israeli soldier’s camera shows corpses of youths from the festival.

Another shot shows Hamas throwing grenades into a bomb shelter and an Israeli throwing them back as the terrorists run for cover. The cars of those attending the festival were destroyed by Hamas in order to prevent civilians from escaping. Portable toilets are fired at to kill those who may be hiding inside.

A video recorded by a young woman shows music festival goers hiding in fear. After a while, Israeli soldiers and police appear to rescue them, but they come under fire from Hamas. A corpse can be seen with a Palestinian gouging out his eyes with a stick. This is reminiscent of an Islamic text from centuries ago. A young man can be seen looking on in horror, many bloodied bodies lie around him, one of the female bodies with her legs spread.

Terrorists take selfies with corpses of soldiers, step on their faces and bodies and shout “Allah Akbar!” Photos show decapitated bodies of soldiers, as well as a burned baby and a dead baby spattered with blood.

A Hamas propaganda video shows Israeli babies and toddlers being held hostage and rocked. A kidnapped Israeli child who is abused by young Palestinians.

Dead body of an Israeli soldier removed from a car, with Hamas gunmen and civilians scrambling, kicking and stomping on it. Palestinian civilians trample and kick corpse of Jewish man in underwear, parts of his flesh torn from his body.

You can see charred bodies, rooms covered in blood, a jeep loaded with corpses. We see them leading four Israelis taken hostage. In the second video, all four are dead. A Jew runs and is shot in the back. Hamas fighters walk down the street and shoot in directions. And almost all the time there are jubilant shouts of “Allah Akbar!”

This is just a small part of the videos and it looks like a horror movie.

Some claim that the Hamas attack is a conspiracy, but they have hardly watched the brutal footage. Politicians must look at them instead of talking about the “disproportionate” number of casualties of Hamas and the people of Gaza.

Regarding such anti-Israeli political or other commentators, the American writer Hugh Fitzgerald asked if the principle of proportional action means that the Israelis must abduct, rape and kill civilians – just as much as Hamas has abducted, raped and killed?!

Do you know what “proportionality” is in wartime? Look at the statements of the leaders of Hamas and many imams – they talk about the destruction of Israel, ie. should Israelis seek to destroy Hamas or forgive and reconcile?

I know that Jews are not the most loved people in the world, I guess some of the readers of the article are not their supporters either, but look at the jihadist videos from other parts of the world, incl. beheadings of women and youths, how the Taliban play football with severed human heads, how jihadists force small children to kill, and all the while shouts of “Allah Akbar” ring out the clips.

Another question is why such clips are allowed to be distributed on the Internet. Many people admire the actions of jihadists, approve of them, incl. and part of the left in Europe.

In conclusion, I will note that there is a lack of moral sensitivity, an inability to distinguish between good and bad, to identify the enemy, and other symptoms of a deep moral crisis on a global scale. Let’s think that this is not only about the specific situation in Israel and should we continue to do nothing because of economic interests, especially Arab oil, when we are faced with the threat of jihad that has been going on for 1400 years?!! Let us not forget that we too were victims of the Ottoman Jihad.”

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