The iconic Garisenda tower is about to collapse

The iconic Garisenda tower is about to collapse
The iconic Garisenda tower is about to collapse

According to a scientific report presented this week to the mayor of the northern Italian city of Bologna, the landmark Garisenda tower is in imminent danger of collapse.

Experts point to fresh cracks in the brickwork and increased swaying and call for urgent measures to be taken to stabilize the 12th-century tower, Italian dailies Repubblica and Corriere della Sera reported.

The two leaning towers of Garisenda and Azinelli in the central square of Porta Ravenna are among Bologna’s most famous landmarks. They have been causing concern for some time, with the focus being on the smaller Garisenda tower.

The height of the tower is 48 meters, and in its upper part it is offset from the vertical axis by 3.2 meters.

The committee of experts has already declared the highest level of alarm. “We are unable to say whether nothing will happen to the tower or whether there will be a partial or sudden collapse.”says Amedeo Bellini, an architect from the commission, quoted by BTA.

He urged the city to take action as soon as possible.

Last month, authorities cordoned off the square around the two towers because of cracks and unusual swaying. The square will likely remain closed for several years.

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