An academic and a Rila athlete put on a real show in Plovdiv

An academic and a Rila athlete put on a real show in Plovdiv
An academic and a Rila athlete put on a real show in Plovdiv

The start of the clash between Akademik Plovdiv and Rila Athlete from the seventh round of the NBL was delayed by 11 minutes due to a malfunction in the clock for counting the seconds of the attack, and the organizers of the meeting were never able to find a solution to the problem, and the time of the attack will announced by the announcer in the hall. The match will be played in the “SILA” hall in Plovdiv. So far, the people of Plovdiv have 1 win and 5 losses in their account, and the team from Samokov has a balance of 3-3.

FIRST PARTAkademik Plovdiv seems to have found a good rhythm of the game and managed to lead Rila sportsman with a double-digit lead, as heroes with their performances in the first 10 minutes became Justin McCall and Gerald Liddell, who realized 6 points each. Chavdar Kostov scored 7 points for Rilski. The guests from Samokov were heavy with fouls, as Craig Osaikyuwuomuan committed 2 personal fouls in just 58 seconds on the floor. Despite the bad start of the guests, they managed to catch up with their opponent and ended the first half with a passive of only 2 points (15:17).

SECOND PARTThe second quarter started strongly for Lubomir Kirov’s basketball players, who managed to draw 17:17, and in the ranks of Akademik, a slight drop in the game is noticeable. Nevertheless, the derby in Plovdiv is on and the two teams continue to chase the result. They traded basket for basket, and at the break the Rilezo players managed to pull away with a 1-point lead. (31:30).Both teams display terrifying long-range shooting, with Academic basketball hitting 1 three-pointer out of 10 attempts, while their opponent failed to make a layup after 9 attempts. In 2-point shooting, the better statistics are in favor of Rilski (61% – 50%). The two teams are equal in tackles, with the guests having only one more in their account (21-20), errors are also equal (5-5). In shooting from the line, Akademik does better until the break (71%-55%).

THIRD PARTthe two teams continued to play in the third period, and successful three-point shooting continued to be a mirage for both teams. The low performance also continues, and in the composition of Akademik, guard Nikolay Marinov, who already has three violations, has been burdened with fouls.

STARTING LINE-UPS: Academic Plovdiv: Nikolai Marinov, Justin McCall, Gerald Liddell, Tyler Creamer, Martin Marinov Rila athlete: Michaelin Scott, Chavdar Kostov, Alexander Yanev, Vasil Popov, Joseph Lawson

Academician Plovdiv released one of its stars due to indecent behavior

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