THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: Ultimatums for the assembly

THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: Ultimatums for the assembly
THE DAY IN SEVERAL LINES: Ultimatums for the assembly

If Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov leaves, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov must also leave. This was announced by GERB leader Boyko Borisov.

The Prime Minister did not oblige him – he announced that he would resign if Stoyanov did not recognize as violence the actions of some police officers at the protest of football fans on November 16.

Nikolay Denkov: I will resign if the interior minister does not recognize this as violence

The crisis in the capital’s Municipal Council is deepening – again, a chairman was not elected. Boris Bonev (PP-DB-SS) defeated Diana Tomova (BSP) in a runoff, but did not receive the necessary 31 votes. The next vote for president will take place on November 30.

Second attempt: SOS still did not elect a chairman, third attempt on November 30

Argentina has a new president – the ultra-libertarian Javier Maley. Like his idol Donald Trump, he promised to make Argentina great again.

A copy of Trump won the presidential election in Argentina

Former First Lady of the United States Rosalyn Carter has died at the age of 96. While her husband Jimmy Carter was in the White House (1977-1981) she was often referred to as “Co-President”. See why in the link below.

Former US First Lady Rosalyn Carter has died

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