From midnight, cheaper diesel – these are the new prices of petroleum derivatives


Without any significant changes in prices, petroleum products will be dispensed at gas stations throughout Macedonia. Gasoline prices do not change, while diesel will be cheaper by half a denarius from midnight

The retail prices of EUROSUPER BS-95 and EUROSUPER BS-98 gasolines do not change, thus the retail price of EUROSUPER BS-95 is 80.00 den/liter, while the retail price of EUROSUPER BS-98 is 82.00 den/liter.

The retail price of EURODIESEL (D-E V) is reduced by 0.50 den/liter and thus the retail price of EURODIESEL (D-E V) is 77.00 den/liter.

The retail price of (EL-1) Extra Light Household Oil is reduced by 1.00

den/liter and will amount to 75.50 den/liter – according to the announcement of the Energy Regulatory Commission

The reference prices of petroleum derivatives on the world market, compared to the previous calculation, marked an increase for gasoline by an average of 0.158% or $1,250/ton, for diesel the decrease was on average for 0.807% or for $6,600/ton, for extra light oil the decrease is on average by 1.158% or by 9.250 $/ton and for fuel oil on average by about 1.035% or by 5.100 $/ton, due to which the price structure of petroleum derivatives has been adjusted accordingly. The exchange rate of the denar against the dollar in the past period averaged 57.1605 den/$ and is about 0.562% lower than the exchange rate of the dollar (57.4835 den/$) by which the prices were formed with the previous calculation.

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