Zoro Ignatov is threatened with death


Impudent death threats were addressed to the editor-in-chief of the “Court Litigation” show on Nova TV, Zhoro Ignatov. “I’ll cut off your head! I’ll clean you like a chicken!”, were just some of the expressions that the popular lawyer and journalist received from an employee of a kindergarten in Sliven. The report aired on the show this Sunday.

Zhoro Ignatov pressed Gencho Genov from Sliven with uncomfortable questions. The episode of the show dealt with a claim by a son against his father, who took the money from the sale of inherited properties. The boy, Georgi Genov, has special needs and is often seen begging, as well as rummaging through garbage cans. His neighbors help him survive, as they themselves witness the ugly insults and threats to the editor-in-chief of “Court Dispute”. What is even more scandalous is that the action takes place in a kindergarten where the Gencho in question works and is responsible for maintenance.

Gencho Genov threatened to cut off Zhoro Ignatov’s head and it happened on national air

“Mind your own business! Get out of here! Do you hear what I’m saying? If you’re not here with the microphone, do you know what’s going to happen to you?” the SEN boy’s dad began threateningly. It turns out that Gencho is not his biological parent, and Georgi is adopted. His wife and the woman who raised the boy died three years ago. Now Gencho is even threatening to kick his son out into the street.

“You are all complete rubbish here in Bulgaria. Gyauri! Do you understand now?” continues the arrogant guy from Sliven.

“I will sue you for defamation,” warns Zoro Ignatov.

“Will you take it to me? I’ll cut off your head, take it,” spat the kindergarten employee on national air.

Georgi wants his father to return the money he owes him for the sold inherited property

“A threat publicly addressed to me in front of witnesses. I will also refer the Prosecutor’s Office, be sure!”, the editor-in-chief of “Court Dispute” is emphatic.

“If you have the chance… You’re very small, I’ll clean you like a chicken!” Gencho Genov calmly threatens his life.

It also got hot in the show’s studio.

“Zorentse, this person looked at you badly, I didn’t like it. Otherwise, I know you won’t leave your ass in the mud,” turned the presenter of “Court Dispute” Nana Gladwish.

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