The stormy sea near Burgas swallowed a pedestrian walkway

The stormy sea near Burgas swallowed a pedestrian walkway
The stormy sea near Burgas swallowed a pedestrian walkway

Near Burgas, the stormy sea swallowed a pedestrian walkway. There are no more villages without power and closed roads. Because of the serious problems yesterday and the criticism of the actions of the snow removal company, today there was a meeting between the regional governor Plamen Yanev and the management of the company to clarify the situation.

The pedestrian walkway between Solnitsi and the “Sarafovo” district in Burgas has collapsed.

“You can walk about 10 meters in the grass. The alley is no longer there, it has collapsed. Yesterday during the day it was more or less there, there was about 1 meter left of it, but today it is no longer,” said Iliya Atanasov.

The collapsed boardwalk is state-owned and built on a seawall. Because of the problematic section, the Municipality of Burgas urgently prepared a project that specified the measures to strengthen the landslide.

“We wasted a lot of time on coordination, on preparing the project. And it turns out that if we had reacted so far, twice as many funds would have been needed,” summed up Dimitar Nikolov, Mayor of Burgas Municipality.

A serious problem in the days of the disaster turned out to be the response of the snow removal company. The Sunny Beach-Obzor passage remained closed for hours, on the Burgas – Malko Tarnovo road, movement was a test for drivers. The reason – late reaction of the company responsible for the cleaning.

“I received information from the ODMVR and the road administration that they did not react in time, which is why it was necessary to redirect machines from other companies,” pointed out Stefan Yanev, regional governor of Burgas.

A meeting was held today between representatives of the snow removal company and the regional administration. The company stated that they are strictly fulfilling the signed contract for winter maintenance.

“After we established that the storm was stronger than expected and was a real natural element, this technique was reinforced and that’s how we managed. To date, I have no information that the contract will be terminated,” said engineer Veselin Gospodinov, ex -r of “BG NOVA” JSC.

The opinion of the regional administration in Burgas is also expected tomorrow.

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