Adele dropped a live broadcast

Adele dropped a live broadcast
Adele dropped a live broadcast
No more secrets surrounding the name and being of music star Adele.

Acting impulsively and without realizing it, Adele dropped herself on a live broadcast.

During her best friend Alan Carr’s comedy show in Los Angeles, she admitted whether or not she was really married. Now this news from the show has even been shared on X (Twitter), writes “Telegraph”.

It was long speculated that she was dating sports agent Rich Paul and that the couple had been going undercover for the past year.

Adele fueled those rumors when she recently called Rich her “husband.”

For his part, he gave bread to marriage rumors during his appearance on “CBS Mornings” in October.

When asked by the journalist if he should refer to Adele as Mrs. Paul, he coyly replied: “You can call her whatever you want,” before adding that he is not one to share his private life with the media.

“We’re happy. She’s great,” he said on the show.

Now, however, during the Alan Carr show, things got out of control and the secret was revealed by Adele herself, not wanting it to be obvious, because after she dropped out, disappeared from the show.

Two anonymous sources who were present at the “scene” confirmed the news on the celebrity Instagram account “Deuxmoi”.

“I was at the Alan Carr show in Los Angeles tonight and Adele was in the audience. He asked the live audience if anyone had gotten married at all or recently, Adele shouted ‘I do.’ She was super cute but she suddenly disappeared from the show before the end,” another source said.

Why she got out of the show in embarrassment, no one knows, but apparently their private life, whether they want it or not, is exposed to millions of people because of the media.

Rich and Adele made their first public appearance as a couple in July 2021 at an NBA game, and the pop diva has repeatedly stated that he is the first man in her life with whom everything is easy.

“He’s so funny! And so smart! It’s really amazing to watch him handle everything he does,” she once said.

The famous 35-year-old music icon was previously married, from 2019 to 2021, to Simon Konecki, with whom she has a 10-year-old son, Angelo. However, she recently shared that she would like to get pregnant again.

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