Who erased the divine Aether from Mendeleev’s table

Who erased the divine Aether from Mendeleev’s table
Who erased the divine Aether from Mendeleev’s table

The riddle of riddles in chemistry has spawned conspiracies for 118 years

Occultists believe that the mythical Newtonian is the energy that the body releases after death

When the great encyclopedist Dmitri Mendeleev published the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements in 1905, he hardly imagined that 118 years later its first element would be the basis of the greatest conspiracy. Who edited Mendeleev’s table is the question that even today excites chemists, physicists, the military, and even occultists and fortune-tellers. Because it is related to the great mystery of whether the mythical Ether really exists and what it actually is.

In the search for answers, the so-called

“forbidden physics theory”

Its advocates are convinced that the “editing” of Mendeleev’s table is the biggest crime in fundamental science for the last more than 100 years. Because it is not about a mistake in the arrangement of the elements, but about the intentional deletion of one of them – Ether.

The appearance of Mendeleev’s classic work “Fundamentals of Chemistry” in 1905 changed science forever. The Periodic Table is published in it. But with one essential difference from the one we know today.

In group zero, along with our known inert gases helium, neon, krypton and xenon, Mendeleev placed Ether. He called it “Newtonian” in honor of the great Isaac Newton. It was he who claimed: “The entire space of the universe consists of an elusive gas, without which the existence of anything is impossible.”

It is unlikely that Mendeleev simply wanted to pay tribute to the unsurpassed scientist before whom he bowed. It would be strange if he was mistaken. He is one of those people who are touched by God – as if sent to change the world around us.

He was born in 1834 in Tobolsk, Western Siberia –

the youngest of the 17 children

of Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleev (1783 – 1847), director of the Tobolsk Gymnasium, and Maria Dmitrievna Mendeleeva. In 1855, he graduated with a gold medal from the Department of Natural Sciences of the Main Pedagogical Institute in St. Petersburg and gradually became one of the greatest scientists not only of his time. Chemist, physicist, economist, technologist, geologist, meteorologist, pedagogue, teacher, aviator and even an instrument maker, Mendeleev became a professor at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and at St. Petersburg University, a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, a scholar custodian at the Main Chamber of Measures and weights, member of the Royal Society of London, member of the academies of sciences in Rome, Paris, Berlin, etc.

Mendeleev believed that the Ether was the smallest component of all other elements, smaller than molecules, the “primordial brick” from which atoms originate. Moreover, the genius claims that the Ether is

the link between chemistry and physics

basic building block of the universe. At the end of the 19th century, the Russian was one of the last world-renowned scientists who advocated the idea that the Newtonian (ether, ether) is the substance from which the universe is built and in it is the key to unraveling it.

After his untimely death, the Periodic Law was deliberately “edited” by the world’s academic science. The removal of the Ether also necessitates the change in which the inert gases are united with the elements of the eighth group, and the table assumes the form in which it is now studied.

In the 1930s, academician Alexey Yurievich Zolotorev took on the task of rehabilitating the original Mendeleev table. And he gets the support of a very strong ally.

Stalin himself ordered in 1935.

the original of the table to be depicted as a wall mosaic in the Leningrad Museum. At the same time, however, the Trotskyists cut out the zero group in the textbooks.

For the existence of Efir, Zolotorev also refers to the discoveries of another brilliant scientist – Nikola Tesla. In 1892, he constructed a resonant transformer, obtaining at the output energy many times greater than that at the input. When journalists ask him how this is possible, he answers: “I capture the energy from the ether and transform it into electricity.”

Tesla goes even further, finding a way to transmit electricity without wires, i.e. directly through the air itself. After the newspapers of the time were “buzzing” with his sensational experiments, suddenly the practices of the discoverer were conspiracized and his name became a taboo for the media. Having created more than 1000 inventions and more than 800 patents, Nikola Tesla died in a hotel room, alone, poor, without heirs, in debt.

Conspiracy theorists claim that

his notes were seized and classified

because at a time when oil is becoming the main raw material for booming economies, the creation of a cheap alternative would destroy the emerging world order.

This is by no means accepted, both by the traditional academic community and by the financial elite that fund it. In the end, the concept of “ether” was erased from science.

The great mysteries surrounding the altered Mendeleev table also provide food for the researchers of the transcendental and the occult. What is Ether? According to them, this is the energy that the body releases after death.

American psychologist John Kachuba in his book “Ghostbusters” uses the laws of physics to point out that the energy in the universe is constant and cannot be destroyed, but all space is filled with

the invisible substance called ether

The American believes that this is exactly the energy that is released from the body after a person’s death.

Jerry Vasilatos in The Lost Discoveries deals with the Victorian scientists who wanted to prove that there was a substance that filled all space and matter. They called it “ether” and gave it a divine origin.

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