Turkish lira – lev. How much is one Turkish lira to one Bulgarian lev today, November 21 /currency calculator/


Planning a visit to Turkey? Use this currency calculator to calculate how much Bulgarian leva is being exchanged for one Turkish lira today, November 21. And then pay attention to three important tips for your visit to Turkey and how to shop there in Turkish lira.


And here are some important tips for everyone traveling in Turkey.

The first is – never pay in euros. Because the exchange rate in places can be close to 10% above the official one. Therefore, even before you leave, exchange levs or euros into Turkish lira and only pay with them.

Second: Don’t pay by card, even if it’s more convenient for you. Because there are some shops in Turkey where there are two prices – for cash payment and for electronic payment. And it’s cheaper in cash always.

Third: Of course, haggle. Even if the reduction is not important to you, for the Turks it is sweeter and more interesting. Bargaining is the most exciting event around the deal, it’s a national sport.


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