– news – Takov, BSP: PP and GERB to agree on the chairman of the SOS – news – Takov, BSP: PP and GERB to agree on the chairman of the SOS – news – Takov, BSP: PP and GERB to agree on the chairman of the SOS

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A prominent socialist made a comment on what was happening in the capital’s municipal council.

After the distribution of power in the Metropolitan City Council became clear, we said that we are ready to talk to all political forces about policies based on our values. With his actions, Mr. Terziev showed that clearly mistakes are not learned. It’s not done that way. He summoned the leaders of the political parties to talk about Sofia’s budget and priorities. For us it was a PR action. This was stated by the chairman of BSP-Sofia in the Sofia Municipal Council, Ivan Takov, in the program “More of the Day” on BNT.

“It was clear to us that nothing would come of them. It looks to me like solving problems in the assembly through the Capital Municipality. For us, this conversation should be held with all representatives of the groups in the Capital Municipality. The dialogue should be conducted in a normal way “, he emphasized, writes

“We have proposed our chairman. It is important for us to talk about Sofia’s problems, which are piling up. There is only talk about the chairman and everyone is fixated only on Mr. Borisov Bonev. The approach is not correct. We have a solution to the collective body of the BSP that this candidacy is unacceptable. The easiest way is to understand We are continuing the change and GERB, as they have done at the national level,” Takov explained.

According to him, the city is mired in problems that need to be looked at urgently.

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