The living Nostradamus silenced the world with a prediction. Hell is coming

The living Nostradamus silenced the world with a prediction. Hell is coming
The living Nostradamus silenced the world with a prediction. Hell is coming

The self-proclaimed mystic Athos Salome, known as the “living Nostradamus”, made several chilling predictions that at the end of 2023, earthquakes and floods will begin around the world, BLITZ reported.

The man who claims to be able to see the future has warned that a series of natural disasters are looming that will bring destruction, the Daily Star reports.

Athos Salome became known as the “living Nostradamus” thanks to his predictions, many of which he claimed came true. The man believes that thanks to his paranormal abilities, he was able to easily predict the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year and the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.

In its latest revelations, Athos warns of floods and earthquakes and even details exactly where. However, he makes it clear that his visions are not intended to cause panic and are not permanent.

Although the man predicts death and destruction on a global scale, he believes that steps can be taken to prevent much of it.

“I have no intention of instilling fear in the public. I hope that the predicted negative events will not come true.

My warnings should serve as motivation for us to come together and prioritize our well-being. I must also emphasize the importance of implementing policies, building infrastructure and that it is very important to “raise awareness at the global level. I believe that through governance and civic cooperation we can completely avoid these problems,” he wrote.

According to Salome, increased volcanic and seismic activity should be expected in the Pacific Ring of Fire – in particular on the Indonesian island of Java, as well as in the coastal strip stretching from northern California (USA) to southern British Columbia (Canada).

“These magnificent areas will stand up to the unrelenting force of nature,” he predicted.

The self-proclaimed clairvoyant sees the increasing intensity of hurricanes and cyclones in regions such as Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Thailand. It also highlights high-risk areas for hurricanes, such as the Gulf of Mexico and Florida in the US, stressing the importance of being well prepared to withstand these new trends.

Salome predicted heavy rains threatening flooding in Brazil, the Ganges River Basin in India and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. According to him, these regions should focus on flood prevention measures.

Looking to the future, Athos warns that Amsterdam in the Netherlands, New York in the US and Tokyo in Japan must prepare to ensure a future where the earth is not swallowed up by water.

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