High yield or affordable real estate from Konstruktive

High yield or affordable real estate from Konstruktive
High yield or affordable real estate from Konstruktive

KoHousing is a construction investment program that enables customers to “constructive” to acquire for their own needs or to invest in real estate at a price close to its cost price. In almost all cases through KoHousing returns are achieved over 50% of the total investment. The program dates back to the 1970s in Denmark and is now widespread in Europe and the United States.

constructive” introduced for the first time KoHousing in Bulgaria, adapting it to Bulgarian legislation and traditions. We have been promoting the program to a wider audience for several years and have witnessed great interest in the opportunities it provides. KoHousing is attractive mainly with its financial part, but we also observe great interest in another aspect of it – the possibility for our customers to state individual requirements for the layout of their homes, offices or commercial establishments.

“The Principles of Constructive”

The leading management team at “constructive” are architects and engineers, which gives a completely different perspective on the buildings we create. “The Principles of Constructive” is not just an expression, but a brand that we have developed over several years. It appeared in a very interesting way and was rather the result of an experiment. More than two years ago, we were impressed by several publications about artificial intelligence and how it is trained only by having a goal and rules to achieve it. Then we thought that very often in our practice we proceed to a large extent from our accumulated experience, but do we always correctly define the purpose of the task, do we sometimes lose focus on it? We formed a team to tackle this question from a more existential perspective. To begin with, we had to answer the question, what kind of environment do we want to build? They stood in the center of our work “21st century people”. Or as we often say: “We put on the drawing board not walls and columns, but man himself.”

We conducted a wide-ranging survey among people of different status, education and age. Our questions focused on their daily activities and how the environment helps or hinders them from leading the life they want. It turned out that we, investors and users, have entered the vicious circle – “We build what is bought, and we buy what is built”. As a result of this experiment, the construction of “The principles of “Constructive”. Their task was to unite multiple design solutions that would realize correct functionally logical connections and conditions for a healthy life in the environment we inhabit.

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