Kiril Petkov: GERB proposed Kalin Stoyanov, as of today he is their minister

Kiril Petkov: GERB proposed Kalin Stoyanov, as of today he is their minister
Kiril Petkov: GERB proposed Kalin Stoyanov, as of today he is their minister

GERB proposed Kalin Stoyanov as an expert. From today he is their minister. They defend him to the death with the DPS. This is what the co-chairman of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov said on Nova TV on the occasion of the resignation requested by PP-DB of the interior minister and his refusal to submit it, as well as the claim that he was personally pressured by the former prime minister.

“How are you going to watch a movie? What is your responsibility. GERB and DPS together jumped to defend him, as if it were life and death. Until yesterday, we didn’t know what his political addiction was, today we see what it is,” he commented.

“How was this minister elected? Colleagues from GERB seem to forbid what happened just a few months ago,” comments Petkov. And he specified that PP and DB have indicated as purely party candidacies only Asen Vasilev, Andrey Tsekov, Georgi Gvozdeikov, and the rest were expert appointments, consulted between the partners.

“After that, we decided that for all other positions we will make an expert appointment,” he added.

“It was important for the Ministry of the Interior to be politically independent, they refused several of our proposals, we refused several of theirs. Kalin Stoyanov was submitted as an expert by GERB, and we interviewed him. He said that I was the first person who spoke to him.” Kiril Petkov also told.

“Why we thought it was worth it was because we saw that he had investigated the sacks, the highways, and we decided that this is the change we want to see happen. On the second day he responded and said ok, I agree,” he added.

He stated that he did not submit a single name for appointment to him, and that he last spoke with the Minister of the Interior in August.

Petkov expressed indignation that the minister went to the cinema during the football protest. And he also said that his reaction after the clashes and Poetician violence blew up the PP-DB parliamentary group.

“If you had said it – a large part of the policemen handled it professionally, but it is unacceptable to fight people in the bars”, commented Petkov, but Stoyanov did not say it and that is why the deputies from the group were outraged.

During the telephone conversation, Kalin Stoyanov appeared on the air, accusing Petkov of trying to interfere in the personnel policy of the ministry. There have been several meetings and several phone calls. According to him, it was about the removal of directors of regional directorates.

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