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Kalin Stoyanov was submitted as a candidate for minister by GERB, this was revealed by PP-DB co-chairman Kiril Petkov on Nova TV. He said that the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was interviewed by him, and then Stoyanov told him that it was the first time someone had talked to him about this post. Stoyanov thought for two days before the nomination, stressing that he must first talk to his wife about whether to accept.

According to Petkov, the interior minister was proposed either by Maria Gabriel or by Boyko Borisov.

On the occasion of the accusations of interference in the work of the Ministry of the Interior, which Minister Stoyanov directed at him, Petkov explained that it was a conversation about the replacement of 17 deputy heads of regional directorates. “We all learned about this when the deputies were on vacation. I called him and asked him if he was sure that no one was influencing him about the appointments”, said Kiril Petkov.

The PP leader also explained that Kalin Stoyanov was acceptable to them because he participated in the investigations into the “highway sacks” under Minister Boyko Rashkov.

If he had said that it was unacceptable for people to fight in the streets and in pubs by policemen, we wouldn’t have asked for his resignation, and the next morning he said he went to the cinema. This blew up the parliamentary group, Kiril Petkov explained.

It is unacceptable when the capital is on fire that you are at the cinema, he declared. As of today, this minister is theirs, Kiril Petkov also said, tying Kalin Stoyanov to GERB and DPS because of the firm protection they gave to the minister.

Kalin Stoyanov himself got on the phone to say that he is firmly against police violence, but also against violence against police officers. He and Kiril Petkov got into a heated argument when they met each other and whether Stoyanov had meetings with Peevski and Boyko Borisov. I have met with them in the plenary hall and outside it, the interior minister said. Stoyanov stated on air that he continues to be in the same team as Prime Minister Denkov.

“Next time, during such a protest, don’t go to the cinema,” addressed Interior Minister Petkov.

“You come to the place to experience the emotion,” Kalin Stoyanov replied.

“I certainly won’t be in the cinema next to you,” Kiril Petkov said in turn, before the presenters interrupted the protracted dispute.

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