Kalin Stoyanov accused Kiril Petkov of lying. The minister distanced himself from the police officers who exceeded their rights

Kalin Stoyanov accused Kiril Petkov of lying. The minister distanced himself from the police officers who exceeded their rights
Kalin Stoyanov accused Kiril Petkov of lying. The minister distanced himself from the police officers who exceeded their rights

Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov found Kiril Petkov a liar stating that he had visited him several times at the Ministry, that he had insisted certain persons occupy positions in the Ministry of the Interior and had tried to interfere with his work in the Ministry of the Interior.

This happened during a sharp clash between the co-chairman of the PP Kiril Petkov and the interior minister Kalin Stoyanov exchanged harsh remarks on the air of Nova TV.

Petkov was a guest in the studio, and Stoyanov joined in on the phone. The politician insisted that the police officers who committed crimes during the protests should be punished. He also wants to have a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the actions of the police.

Kalin Stoyanov himself distanced himself from the policemen, who had changed their actions during the protest against the BFS.

Stoyanov believed that 90% of the policemen acted correctly, and the remaining 10% had too much adrenaline. The interior minister pointed out that the man beaten by the police had previously set fire to a garbage container and forced it towards the ranks of the uniformed. And he emotionally suggested to Petkov at the sit-in protest that he be in the first rows next to the policemen. To which the politician replied that he would certainly not be next to him in the cinema.

Kalin Stoyanov was nominated for minister as an expert by GERB.

This was announced by the co-chairman of “We continue the change” – “Democratic Bulgaria” Kiril Petkov in the morning block of Nova TV. He reported this on the occasion of Kalin Stoyanov’s story that Petkov talked to him about becoming a minister and his accusations of trying to interfere in the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The PP-DB nominations are the clear political figures who are former MPs, explained Petkov. We stand behind them purely party-wise 100%.

“After that, we decided that for all other positions for which we do not have political nominations, we will choose experts. It was very important for the Ministry of the Interior that this person not be politically bound, because local elections were coming, he had to be as neutral as possible. And we also started with the PP -DB, and from GERB to submit expert names. They refused a few of ours, we refused a few of theirs. And it was not clear whether we would reach anyone. Kalin Stoyanov was submitted as an expert from GERB, like us, however, before anything was taken and it was a decision, we went to interview him. When I went to talk to him, he says I was the first person to talk to him. And really at that point he hadn’t decided. Why we decided it was worth it to make such a proposal? Because we saw that he had investigated the sacks with the highways and this topic. He had taken positions that, from our point of view, are normal positions for the change that we want to happen,” explained Petkov.

I don’t remember who from GERB proposed it, but it was certainly from GERB, the PP-DB co-chairman was categorical. The names mainly came from Maria Gabriel and from Denkov, they were submitted from both sides. As far as I remember – either from Maria Gabriel or from Borisov, one of the two, added Petkov.

“There is no ours and yours. In this case he was hired, he was offered the position as an expert. For the two days of chasing… After we saw that he was a young, non-politically connected professional in the GDBOP, we offered him the position. He said that he could not make this decision himself before talking to his wife, which we respected. And he had two days to think, and on the second day he answered and said – well, I agree,” Petkov continued his story.

We accepted him as a pure expert, he added.

In connection with Stoyanov’s allegations of attempted interference, the PP-DB co-chairman said: “We are going to the parliamentary group on vacation in mid-August. And suddenly we learn from the news that Kalin Stoyanov is changing heads of 17 regional directorates of the Ministry of the Interior without being spoke to no one without telling anyone. Absolutely his right, but the question for us is when you change 17 district directors, do you make the choice on the basis of having fair elections, that they do their jobs. And this so-called purge of chiefs of The Ministry of the Interior by areas is it done entirely with professional guidance or are there any other interventions.

I went to talk to him then and said to him: Are you sure that someone is not influencing you about these appointments? Why didn’t you at least gather the parliamentary groups or let us know? Why are you doing it suddenly from today to tomorrow? Petkov said and admitted that he was afraid of someone letting him down.

But the minister replied that if they want to give him a vote of confidence during the elections, they should leave these appointments to him. And that’s why they left them to him.”

My last conversation with Kalin Stoyanov was in mid-August, we haven’t spoken since then, he said.

“You can ask him if I proposed a name. I only asked him if he was sure that some of these people are not trusted because some of them made fair elections during the time of Boyko Rashkov. And you change these people because they are not have you done your work or is there something else,” added Petkov.

The resignation was not requested by me like Kiril Petkov, but by 63 MPs from PP-DB. I want her too, but as part of the group, he added.

He never heard from me that he should be told that this man should be appointed. We are constantly careful, because you know that this assembly is quite difficult, we make sure that no one’s interests are brought into the individual ministries, because we stand with responsibility for what is being done, said Petkov.

He criticized the statements of Minister Stoyanov after the pogrom of the protest last week. And his calm the next day blew up the parliamentary group.

We all remember the protest in which we participated, and would be people under the columns of TSUM. We do not want a country where it is normal for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fight people with sticks. And for the minister to say the next morning not only that it was OK, but that he had been to the cinema, Petkov was outraged.

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