Who has a name day today, November 21

Who has a name day today, November 21
Who has a name day today, November 21

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast of the Introduction of the Virgin

On November 21, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Introduction of the Virgin. Only Bulgarians celebrate the Introduction of the Virgin Mary as the Day of the Christian Family and the Orthodox Christian Youth. Here again, the Orthodox canon and folk traditions, preserved and defended for years, are intertwined.

In the past, the Introduction of the Mother of God was celebrated in a very limited circle – only with parents and their unmarried children. They all went together to the temple to pray for their family’s health and favor. After that, they gathered around a rich table, which they left uneaten so that the Mother of God would come at night, eat and bless the home. According to the Orthodox tradition, the Introduction of the Virgin is associated with the coming winter and with the anticipation of the holidays around the Nativity of Christ. If the weather is warm and sunny, winter will be hot, summer will be dry, and fertility will be low. If it rains or snows, the winter will be snowy, the summer rainy, and the harvest rich. November 21 is also called the Wolf Virgin. This is because only the Mother of God could influence wild animals, tame them and restrain them from actions harmful to humans.

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