Kiril Petkov: Kalin Stoyanov was submitted by GERB, and as of today he is their minister

Kiril Petkov: Kalin Stoyanov was submitted by GERB, and as of today he is their minister
Kiril Petkov: Kalin Stoyanov was submitted by GERB, and as of today he is their minister

Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov was proposed for the post as an expert by GERB. Previously, PP and GERB submitted other names, which they mutually rejected. The names mainly came from Maria Gabriel and Acad. Denkov,” stated Kiril Petkov. He added that Kalin Stoyanov was proposed for the post, as far as he remembers, by Maria Gabriel or Boyko Borisov.

Kalin Stoyanov was accepted by “We continue the change” and Denkov, as they saw that as the head of the GDBOP he also worked on the “bags” case and as an expert, as neutral as possible, with a view to the upcoming elections. This was stated in the Nova TV studio by the co-chairman of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov, who on Sunday

In his words, when the cabinet was formed they were looking for an expert, which should be as neutral as possible, in view of the upcoming elections. “Colleagues from GERB forget what happened just a few months ago. For the Ministry of the Interior, it was very important that the election be as neutral as possible,” said Petkov.

Two meetings were held, and the last time they talked was in the middle of August, when in the middle of the MPs’ vacation it was found out that 17 directors of regional directorates were being replaced, and that without agreement. Kiril Petkov himself was surprised, even shocked, since the number of those replaced was large. The purpose of the conversation was to ask Kalin Stoyanov whether he is sure that no one is influencing these appointments and why he is doing it so hastily. “Are you sure that no one is influencing you on these appointments, that someone is pushing them for you? And among the removed bosses there were people who did relatively well. I have not submitted names. He hasn’t heard a name from me,” were the exact words of Kiril Petkov.

A minister joined the studio on the phone at his own request Kalin Stoyanov, who confirmed that the last conversation was from the middle of August, but said there were others before that. Stoyanov did not deny Petkov’s words and did not say that Kiril Petkov offered him specific names for appointments.

Kalin Stoyanov: The Ministry of Internal Affairs is operationally led by the Chief Secretary. Thank you for your attention

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“From today this minister, because we want his resignation, a GERB and DPS guard him, he is theirs, their responsibility”, stated Kiril Petkov. In his words GERB and DPS jumped “for life and death” to protect Kiril Stoyanov even before PP/DB asked for his resignation, and this is significant. PP/DB will submit today the proposal for the creation of commission of inquiry and will monitor how GERB and DPS will vote for this commission.

Kiril Petkov: We constantly make sure that there is no interference, because assembly is difficult.

“We don’t want a country where for the Ministry of the Interior, it is normal to fight people with a stick and the minister the next morning not only to say that it was OK, but he was at the cinema. It is unacceptable that when the capital is burning, you should be at the cinema,” Petkov also stated. The main problem, in his words, is “is why Bulgarian citizens fight in cafes and streetsbut no one talks about it”.

Kiril Petkov also commented on the other case with an accusation for pressure from a minister – the Iolovski case. However, his assignment is on “Continuing the Change”. Kiril Petkov confirmed that he had a meeting with him in an informal setting, Bojanov was also present, and the meeting was for coordination, so that the ministry would have the support in the plenary hall for the laws to be voted on. The accusation that there was pressure for 600 million is “absolutely false” considering that the entire budget of the ministry is 3 million BGN.

Iolovski is currently talking to the prosecutor’s office, he will not be fired or removed, lest it be thought that this is happening for political reasons. The PP will wait for the investigation to be completed. This is also the position of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov.

Kiril Petkov has already convinced himself that it is much better to have clear political appointmentsthan to lead expert ministers for whom it is not known who leads them and is responsible.

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