The PP-DB is sending today invitations to the parties in the SOS for policy talks

The PP-DB is sending today invitations to the parties in the SOS for policy talks
The PP-DB is sending today invitations to the parties in the SOS for policy talks

PP-DB will today send invitations to all parties in SOS for policy talks. This became clear during a debate on BNT between three municipal officials – Andrey Zografski from PP-DB, Enyo Savov from BSP and Deyan Nikolov from Vazrazhdane.

“Boris Bonev is our candidate because he is equally distant. He received 25,000 personal preferences”, commented Andrey Zografski from PP-DB, a municipal councilor in the Metropolitan Municipal Council. According to him, not a single argument against Bonev’s candidacy was heard. “He will most likely be our candidate again. I don’t believe in assembly and in the rotation principle,” Zografski also said.

Today, the invitations would be sent to all parties in the municipal council to send three representatives. He hoped that this week the talks would start on all the important topics.

Yesterday (November 20), the newly elected mayor of the capital, Vasil Terziev, also announced that they will send invitations to all parties in the SOS and make a second attempt at policy talks.

“The text of each invitation was the same. The topics were also clear in advance and did not go beyond them. They were what are the priorities that each one imagines should be realized in one mandate, to start from what unites us. The second thing was what are the important things for each party to advocate in the next budget”, said Terziev, recalling that he had already once sent invitations for talks to all parties in the Council.

On Saturday (November 18), representatives of three of the formations in SOS went to meet with the newly elected mayor. Our talks with the BSP, “Sinya Sofia” and “Vazrazhdane” were focused on the first two points, explained Terziev and added that he would be very happy to continue the talks with those he has not met.

GERB-SDS categorically stated last week that they will be the opposition and will not go to a meeting with PP-DB.

ITN also refused to respond to Terziev’s initial invitation, but stated that they would participate in solving the problems in the city, through their municipal councilors.

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