Maduro: The neo-Nazi far-right won in Argentina

Maduro: The neo-Nazi far-right won in Argentina
Maduro: The neo-Nazi far-right won in Argentina

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave his assessment of the outcome of the presidential election in Argentina, which was won by the libertarian Javier Millay, reported France Press.

“In Argentina, the neo-Nazi extreme right won (. . .) We say to the Argentines: you made your choice, but we will not remain silent, as the coming to power of a right-wing extremist with a colonial project is a terrible threat,” Maduro said on Venezuelan state television , quoted by BTA.

The Venezuelan president, who is known for his anti-American rhetoric, said Millay was a man who had fallen “on his knees before North American imperialism”.

Maduro accused the newly elected Argentine president of intending to continue the tradition of dictatorships established in the 1970s in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

“He wants to impose on the continent the ultra-neoliberal project, which they call liberal, which was established in the 1970s with the coups d’etat of (Augusto) Pinochet in Chile and of (Jorge) Videla in Argentina, as well as the coup d’état in Uruguay,” Maduro pointed out.

“We respect the decision of the Argentine people and simply call for reflection on the emergence of far-right foci that aim to impose themselves in order to recolonize Latin America and impose extremist models. In Venezuela, this did not work,” said the Venezuelan president. .

The newly elected head of state of Argentina was defined as a far-right libertarian by the “Guardian”.

The election of the candidate who promised to “eliminate” inflation and use a chainsaw on the state (to cut funding for the administration – ed.) points South America’s second-largest economy toward an unpredictable and potentially turbulent future, according to the publication. After more than 99% of the votes were counted, the Mick Jagger impersonator TV actor, who has often been compared to Donald Trump as a politician, received 55.69% of the vote to 44.3% for centre-left Finance Minister Sergio Massa.

Millay promised “drastic changes” to address Argentina’s “tragic reality” of rising inflation and rampant poverty. He also sent a message to the international community: “Argentina will return to its place in the world that it should not have lost at all.”

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