Mac Marinov from “Walk of Fame”: “There is still time until I can call myself a real actor” – Celebrities

Mac Marinov from “Walk of Fame”: “There is still time until I can call myself a real actor” – Celebrities
Mac Marinov from “Walk of Fame”: “There is still time until I can call myself a real actor” – Celebrities

A good series needs several things – a good script to keep the viewers interested, good direction so that the right direction is not lost and above all a strong center of it all in the face of the main characters. “Walk of Fame”, which looked at a topic unexplored by the Bulgarian small screen, showed that it had achieved a balance between these main points. In this story of big ambitions, warring families, culinary and criminal wars, our protagonists Milen and Ali, brilliantly played by Mak Marinov and Radina Borsos, stand out as a modern Romeo and Juliet. They are the breath of fresh air that makes the Walk of Fame what it is.

From we had the pleasure of talking to one half of this successful screen tandem – Mak Marinov. We’re sure you’ll hear his unique name more and more often. Milen is his first leading role. The responsibility that comes with that is great, but as you will see for yourself, Mack is very aware of where he is on his path, he has not buried his head in the clouds, and he is very aware of what it cost him to get here. We have a telephone “meeting” with him after the end of one of his regular appearances on the stage of the Small City Theater “Behind the Canal” – in the production “The Drunks”. Here’s what he had to tell us, now “sobered” after the effects of the scene, about his attitude towards his role on the Walk of Fame, the valuable lessons, the great teachers and the admiration:

How do you feel about your first lead role on screen?

I feel very good and most of all I feel that my efforts in this profession have paid off, that I have deservedly reached this opportunity to be in a leading role after a lot of work. So I’m happy. Of course, this is both a great chance and a great opportunity for me, for which I am grateful.

We know you’ve been preparing hard for the culinary aspect of the Walk of Fame and have been trained by professional chefs. Do you think there is any point of contact between the work of an actor and the work of a chef?

That’s a good question. There is certainly an overlap in terms of the level of stress that exists in these two professions. I didn’t know that for chefs, of course, high-level chefs, stress is actually a killer. If I can draw any other parallel, it is perhaps that just as an actor has to present his best every night in front of people, so a chef presents – mostly through the food, but also has a similar responsibility.

Do you like to cook in your spare time?

I cook, yes. I don’t have any extraordinary abilities in this area, nor do I have a particular passion for cooking, I just prefer to eat food that I have prepared myself. I cook almost every day. Of course, as much as I can.

Your character in Walk of Fame walks the line between good and evil. What advice would you personally give to Milen?

I wouldn’t give him any advice because I think he’s got his bearings pretty well. In fact, he has to fall into situations that are more evil for the sake of something good. In practice, in everything bad that he gets involved in, he gets involved with good intentions, not even just good intentions, but an ideal goal – to help his loved ones, his loved ones. I think that in these cases such actions must be justified.

We know you can’t give us anything away about the next episodes of Walk of Fame, but we’d still ask you to share just one thing – are there any major plot twists coming up?

One of the nice things about this scenario is that there are actually things constantly happening that move the story forward. Of course, for these things to have an effect, they should be twists and turns, filled with tension. I think in our case it is. So, yeah – lots of interesting stuff going on. I would say that the further the story goes, the more interesting it becomes ie. the series moves along some such tension vertical.

You were raised by actor parents. What is the most important thing you learned from them about acting?

My father is not an actor. This is some kind of information that I don’t know why it has crept into space. My mother is an actress, my father was involved in cinema, but from the other side of the camera. I have talked a lot with my mother about this profession, but our conversations have been so extensive and somehow deep that no maxims have been reached. For me, the very opportunity to have such conversations with her has been valuable, because she is a great professional and I always listen to her. She knows a lot about this profession and a lot of things she can tell me, and she has told me many times, for many roles.

Gradually, from all these conversations, from her taste, I have also formed my own taste, because this profession can be performed and done in many different ways, it depends on the personal criteria of the artist himself.

Does a part of the character you play stay with you even after you leave the set or theater stage?

I suppose it could happen, but for it to happen, it would have to be a really, really serious character. It doesn’t happen like that under the road and over the road, I think it’s rare. With my theatrical performances, it has happened to me that some kind of wave really kept me from the very performance I played, but to the point where I couldn’t get out of character and so on – these are a bit of fiction to be honest. I think if an actor were to be honest, he wouldn’t tell you that he can’t get out of a role and that those roles are imprinted on him.

Your character in the series always wears two crosses around his neck. In an interview for the “Na Kafe” show, you said that these crosses are actually yours personally. Do you rely on religion in the things you do?

I can’t say that I use religion for my profession or for any specific area of ​​my life. I just believe in God, so He should be with me in everything I do, whether it’s on stage, whether it’s related to my work or whatever. These crosses are simply a symbol of my belonging to the Christian faith.

There is a famous quote attributed to Pablo Picasso – “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Who are the people in your profession that you “stole” something from, those that you admire?

Yes, what Picasso said is absolutely true. In this profession, one steals constantly and from everywhere, and this is not about plagiarism – here theft is, so to speak, with a positive sign. Because when you start to understand gradually more about this profession, you start to be able to see in the work of your colleagues how they arrive at certain things, how exactly they work, how they rehearse, how they play. You start to understand what they actually do and you can learn a lot. So this profession is certainly learned by doing. It cannot be taught theoretically, nor can it be somehow learned without doing. In this sense, I have always believed that there is still a lot of time until I can definitively say “I am a real actor”, because this is something that is constantly being learned and for a very long time.

As for people whom I have admired and admire – I admire Deyan Donkov. I think he is outstanding. Without having seen much theater in Europe, I have such a definition of him that he is the best theater actor in Europe. I just feel this, it really is a giant.

I admire many other people, but if I start mentioning them, there will be some I have left out. My professor Ivaylo Hristov is also in some way a standard for me in this profession. Now I am rehearsing with Hristo Garbov and I must tell you that he is also an extremely great actor. I had the opportunity in these rehearsals to see what he is capable of and he is truly outstanding. I like, of course, many foreign actors too. Hresvam Tsvetan Alexiev, with whom I also have the pleasure of filming here in the series, I really like Irini Zambonas, with whom we also film, I like my mother, I like Svetlana Yancheva, I like Vlado Penev, Valentin Ganev, there are many.

For the finale, we will ask you to recommend us what to watch – which movie or series did you watch last and impressed you?

I was very impressed by the Swedish crime series “The Bridge”. Of course, I was impressed by many other series as well, but this is one that I remember watching with great pleasure. In general, I would recommend watching Scandinavian cinema – both series and films.

One movie that comes to me now to recommend is “Mountain of Virginity” as well as a Turkish movie by Ceylan called “Winter Sleep”.

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