The doctor who gave many people new hearts


On this occasion, we will tell you a little more about Victor Chang, who passed away at only 54 years old, but forever changed the world of medicine by developing an affordable artificial heart valve and performs successful heart transplants.

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Who is Dr. Victor Chang

He was born on November 21, 1936 in MedicalPioneer

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He began his residency training at St. Vincent’s Hospital and then worked in several hospitals around the world. In 1972 he returned to Australia and became a cardiothoracic surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Work begins on the development of an artificial heart valve that is significantly cheaper than previous models. Thus, it becomes globally available for use in life-saving procedures.

In 1984, ten years after assisting with a heart transplant at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Victor became head of a team that carried out what was considered the first successful heart transplant in Australia. The patient is Fiona Coote, who was only 14 years old at the time of the operation. Two years later, Coote received another heart transplant and became the longest surviving heart transplant recipient in Australia.

The Medical Successes of Dr. Victor Chang

Dr. Victor Chang’s medical achievements have also been recognized with various awards that serve as a testament to his successes. In 1999, Dr Chang was posthumously nominated as Australian of the Century at the People’s Choice Awards. In 1986, he also received Australia’s highest honor – “Companion of the Order of Australia”.

In 1984, he founded the Victor Chang Foundation, which funds the training of surgeons from Southeast Asia to specialize in modern cardiac surgery, specifically in the field of heart transplants. Grants also go to programs that research innovations in cardiac surgery.

In honor of Dr. Chang’s legacy, the Research Institute that bears his name was established in 1994. The institute continues to be involved in the discovery of drugs, prevention and diagnostic tools for cardiovascular diseases to this day.

The murder of Dr. Victor Chang in 1991 stunned Australia and is considered one of the most famous in the country’s history. Chiang was buried with state honors.

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