Former Interior Minister: Kalin Stoyanov must resign

Former Interior Minister: Kalin Stoyanov must resign
Former Interior Minister: Kalin Stoyanov must resign

“An hour before the protest on Thursday evening, the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalin Stoyanov assured that everything is normal, the police forces are prepared and will handle it. The next morning he declared that nothing much had happened. Only when they asked him to resign did he talk about a pogrom and that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had prevented extreme consequences from the demonstrations.” This was stated by former Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev in the program “Your Day” on the occasion of the protest in Sofia.

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“The truth is that when the minister is at the cinema during such a situation and intends to lead his forces from there, he cannot understand the political responsibility he bears,” Demerdzhiev also pointed out. In his words, when the mandate-bearing party that nominated you asks for your resignation, if you really understand your political responsibility, you are obliged to submit this resignation.

He added: “When you don’t know what it’s like to be at the cinema when the city is on fire, and to have no conscience in that situation to resign, allowing something like this, means you have no idea of ​​your responsibility as a minister.”

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According to Ivan Demerdzhiev, the currently developing scenario may reveal another scenario. “He is that the PP-DB allowed someone else with his own Ministry of Interior and with his own ministers to hold elections. This someone made their choice, we know the results. Are they GERB or are GERB and DPS – let those who created this government explain,” the former minister of power also stated.

He reminded that at the beginning of the establishment of the “Denkov” cabinet, the PP-DB assured that all the ministers, with the exception of Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel, were theirs. As well as that Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov is personally responsible for them and if anyone deviates from the path, he will end this by resigning.

The former minister is adamant that Kalin Stoyanov must resign and take political responsibility not only for the pogrom in the capital, but also for what has been happening in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the past 5 months. However, according to him, there is a more important question – is there a pilot in this government’s plane, if and who is flying this plane at all. “As I see, to Kalin Stoyanov, and to a number of other ministers, the assessment is important not of the mandate holder and the prime minister, but of two other people – Peevski and Borisov,” Demerdzhiev also said.

Regarding police violence, he stated: “The police do what they are told. The officers are acting exactly as the minister and their management have told them to do.”

Watch the whole conversation in the video.

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