Milen Kolev, the star of the Veliko Tarnovo theater, would have celebrated his 85th birthday today… Salutations and applause!


Milen Kolev was born on 21.11.1938 in Razgrad. As a student in Ruse, he participated in the drama group at the “Angel Kanchev” community center. His first roles there were Bruchkov in “Hushov” by Vazov, Neno in “Two Young Lovers” by T. Vlaikov, Misha from “House on Three Nightingale Street-17” by M. Dobrichanin.

In 1959, he was admitted to VITIZ, majoring in “Acting”, in the class of Prof. Stefan Sarchadzhiev, assistant professor Metodi Andonov. In the educational theater of VITIZ, he played Laertes in “Hamlet” by Shakespeare, Archon in “Sisyphus and Death” by Robert Merle. As a student, he was chosen to play the role of Boyan Radionov in the film “Royal Mercy” directed by St. Sirchadzhiev. This role in the cinema makes him a star.

He graduated from the theater institute in 1963 and is distributed in DT “K. Kisimov”, V. Tarnovo. His first role in the theater was Radul from the dramatization “Kaloyana’s Daughter” based on the novel by Fani Popova-Mutafova.

In 1965-66, Milen Kolev left Veliko Tarnovo because he invited to the National Theater-Sofia. Playing there: Petyu from “The Great Return” of Yves. Radoev, in “Rigas” by Rotas, in “Forgotten by Everyone” by N. Hikmet, Hirsch in “Incident at Vichy” by Arthur Miller in the Television Theater.

In the 1966-67 season, Milen Kolev returned to DT “K. Kisimov” and worked here until the end of his life. He has the incredible fortune of being Elena Stefanova’s partner. To work with some of the biggest Bulgarian directors.

The roles he recreated on stage are about 100. Here are some of them: Nikolai in “Extraordinary Process” by M. Simova, Lieutenant Alvares in “Rest in Arko Iris” by D. Dimov, Chudomir in “In the skirts of Vitosha” by Yavorov , Shteryu in “How many poppies” by N. Rusev, Vandolino in “The Dance Teacher” by Lope de Vega, Zhadov in “Profitable place” by A. Ostrovsky,

Dr. Shomov in “Roses for Dr. Shomov” by Dr. Assenov, Moliere’s Don Juan, George in “Towards the Abyss” by Iv. Vazov, Jacques in “All days of the trees” by M. Dura, Aziz in “Where are you going, girl?” by M. Boyadzhiev, Boril “Baldwin of Flanders” by R. Radkov, Belizar in “The Guilty” by D. Dimov , Vetrov in the “Gold Mine” by St.L. Kostov, Ivaylo in “The Love of Adriana Orlova” by K. Zidarov, Saed in “Happy Beggars” by K. Gotsi, Angel in “Profession for Angels” by Dr. Asenov, Kiryak Stefchov in “Under the Yoke” by Iv. Vazov, Mozart and Don Juan in “Little Tragedies” by Pushkin, Gregor in “The Secret of Macropoulos” by K. Chapek, Bozhko in “A Crown of Thorns” by A. Kanev, Grigory Tsamblak in “Patriarch Euthymius” by R. Radkov, Karelin in “Sixth of July” by M. Shatrov, Gilbert from “Everything in the Garden” by E. Albee, Mr. Findall in “Before the Rooster Crows” by Yv. Bukovchan, Lapalia in “Three on the bench” by Al. Nicholas,

Yasen Karolev in “Royal Mercy” by K. Zidarov, Agnostos in “The Fox and the Grapes” by G. Figueiredo, Ivanov in “The New Port” by St.L. Kostov, Chancellor in “Maria Tudor” by V. Yugo, Simeun in “Assembly Point” by D. Kovacevich, Dr. Spivey, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by K. Kissi, Kliment Ohridski in “Tsar Simeon the Great” by St. . Staychev.

He is the winner of the “Veliko Tarnovo” award for 2017.

Died in Veliko Tarnovo on February 18, 2018.

Last month, the “Three Theater Exhibitions” project was presented at the “Rafael Mihailov” Exhibition Halls in Veliko Tarnovo, one of which was dedicated to Milen Kolev. visitors had the opportunity to see his photos, posters from performances in which he participated, as well as the piles of letters he received from his admirers from Veliko Tarnovo and all over the country.

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