Films against violence against women will be shown in Veliko Tarnovo


The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, in partnership with the Golden FEMI Film Festival, will present on November 25 (Saturday) three short films under the motto “With cinema against violence against women”. The screenings will be from 4:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo with free admission.

The event is from the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo for 2023.

The movie night will emphasize on the one hand the topic of violence against women, and on the other – modern European cinema. The tapes that will be screened have been selected from the program of the Golden FEMI Film Festival, for the edition of which more than 3,000 films from 127 countries were sent this year.

Viewers will be able to see three Bulgarian titles by director Efemia Fard – the short feature film The Ridiculous Court’ (2021) and the short documentaries Controlled Breaths (2017) and I’m a Mother (2016).

The Funny Court” raises the painful and current problem of violence against women and children and directs attention to the theme of retribution and understanding one’s own mistakes in a surreal author’s reading of the idea of ​​Purgatory, whose figurative equivalent in the material world of the work is shown, through a mountain lift. The film was realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund and Nikolay Urumov and Stefan Dodurov take part in it. With the presentation of the title in Veliko Tarnovo, the 60th anniversary of the actor Nikolay Urumov will be celebrated.

Controlled breaths’ tells the story of three women who survived domestic violence. Margarita gives birth to Nevena and Borislava, conceived after being raped by their father Stalin. Nevena repeats the story of her mother – beaten, harassed and hiding in crisis centers. Borislava is not strong enough to withstand her father’s “unusual practice”, she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The hope is in Nevena’s young son, who will change the cruel pattern of violence when he grows up.

“I’m a mother” is about the tumultuous life of Katya, a professional singer from Pernik – from the provincial and career under communism, the subsequent professional and personal downfalls and dramas to life and abroad, where she finds peace and stability with her Dutch brother-in-law while helping to raise to the granddaughter who bears her name.

Golden FEMI Film Festival is a global platform that attracts to Bulgaria, films with acute social themes from all over the world. The creative director of the festival is director Efemia Fard.

The special focus of the festival is on women filmmakers, and the cause behind which the festival stands is against domestic violence against women and children.

The second mission of the festival, which unites the world film thought, is the protection of the environment. The realization of the important goal for ecology will be fulfilled, as part of the festival program, by planting the “Forest of Glory” at the Golden FEMI Film Festival in Veliko Tarnovo in April next year.

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