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I really like Yana Titova as a director. After her debut Dose of Happiness, my expectations for Dyad were sky high, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Sometimes you get frustrated, other times you get fascinated. In the first minutes of the film, I had a strange feeling – everything seemed too rosy, too sugary. I don’t like sweets in the cinema, I admit. And I said to myself – it can’t be this movie. There is something beyond pink. This pink is a screen that will collapse at any moment. And the whole hall will gasp. Some more…

The collapse of the screen happened with a bang. I held my breath. I didn’t know what to expect. And at the same time – I was perfectly prepared. A second later I started shivering. “Diada” tells the story of the Bulgarian school, in its absolute harshness, with a sometimes sad, sometimes frightening imagery. I won’t tell you the plot, I’ll try to give you the idea. It is very simple and at the same time it touches on a huge, complex problem.

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The problem of young people who have an inevitable need for their parents on the way to growing up and maturing as individuals. I say individuals because every person has the right to be an individual. And to push back from the inevitability of the bottom around. As long as there is someone to nurture the personality. That’s the bottom line.

The main character Dida (Margarita Stoykova) is the personification of the rebellion, of its prototype, this is the character who instantly captures attention with her organic air of a fighter. A fighter, but not Scottish. A fighter with life and for it. Abandoned by her mother. With an alcoholic father. She does not cry when she feels like crying, she does not grumble when she is not understood. She is well aware that the battle is hers and hers alone. And he doesn’t stop fighting in his own way. Her best friend Iva (Petra Tsarnorechka), although a visual copy of her, is also her absolute counterpoint – the modern “bun” who has everything and wants more.

Their friendship is the one hot spot of the plot. The other is the horror of the Bulgarian school – the kind you don’t know closely. I am impressed by the performance of the young faces in the film, mixed with that of native movie stars such as Silvia Lulcheva, Vasil Binev, Ivan Burnev and others. The combination is unexpectedly good.

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Let’s get back to the main thing. “Dyad” actually means the strong bond between two people. This relationship can be healing. It can be disastrous. And here comes the question: which wins? The shiny, the glamorous or the one that endures? What’s left? When reality has left you at the wall, when it slaps you in the face, is what you look like enough? Are you able to survive? To oppose? Are you able not to surrender?

When you’re all alone – who are you looking for? In the complete silence where you can only hear your heart, the word “mom” slips from your lips. That single word breaks the silence, as it were Dyad will disturb your peace in the most impactful way possible. Don’t miss this experience.

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