AFTER A RECORD BUY: Bulgarians in a fake olive oil scheme

AFTER A RECORD BUY: Bulgarians in a fake olive oil scheme
AFTER A RECORD BUY: Bulgarians in a fake olive oil scheme

The revelation is in the “Telegraph” newspaper

Bulgarians found themselves in a scheme to sell fake olive oil after a record rise in the price of “liquid gold” in Greece. This was shown by the development of Ivan Petrinski from the “Telegraph” newspaper. In the “Your Day” show, the journalist told more about the fraud.

According to him, over the past 5 years, the authorities in our southern neighbor have uncovered other similar schemes. He pointed out that olive oil is a common target for scams, but they have become more frequent in the past year, when the price of the food product has more than doubled.

Olive oil in Greece has become more expensive, a new price jump is expected

“The bottles that are sold contain olive oil with added sunflower oil. If we take the price of ordinary oil, which costs 2 or 3 leva per liter, and olive oil, which is traded at 10 euros per liter, the profit is huge. On the other hand, the so-called olive oil for the poor or “pomache” is also used. It’s hot-pressed olive oil, which is usually two or three times cheaper,” commented Petrinski.

According to him, the control in the retail chains is already very high and such products do not get into the stores, but rather items that are sold between friends, in markets and others.

On the air of NOVA NEWS, the owner of a store where olive oil is sold revealed that the quality product at home freezes when the ambient temperature drops below zero. If it does not freeze at 0 degrees Celsius, it means that the olive oil is not of good quality and origin.

Watch the whole conversation in the video.

The article is in bulgaria

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