Here is the most dangerous fish for the elderly

Here is the most dangerous fish for the elderly
Here is the most dangerous fish for the elderly

Many experts recommend including fish in your menu, as it is rich in useful trace elements, but in some cases it can be harmful. Nutritionist Elena Solomatina talks about which are the most dangerous fish for the elderly.

According to the expert, tilapia is considered such. If it is grown in poor conditions and not fed well, it accumulates toxins and heavy metals.

In this case, fish is a particular danger for the elderly, as the protective functions of the body weaken with age. In this regard, the nutritionist recommended tilapia to be consumed no more than once a month, writes

Tilapia is a common name for almost 100 species of fish from the Cichlid family. They inhabit a variety of freshwater bodies, including shallow streams, rivers, and lakes. A tropical fish that lends itself to artificial cultivation and is even an object of primary importance for aquaculture in many countries with a suitable mild climate. Regarding the quality of the meat, there are different opinions, but it is a fact that its price on the market is acceptable for the wider masses, who would not be able to afford fish of a higher rank.

Tuna should also be approached with caution, notes the expert. The longer he lives, the more mercury he accumulates, the nutritionist explained.

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