First data: The Ukrainians took revenge for a Russian attack on their brigade


The famous Ukrainian drone unit commander Magyar, who became known as the leader of the “Birds of Magyar” in the battle for Bakhmut, wrote about the strike in his personal Telegram channel. He explicitly specifies that this is revenge for what happened to the 128th Ukrainian landing brigade. It was hit during an award ceremony, killing 19 Ukrainian soldiers and wounding 2.5 times as many: VIDEO: Russia Iskander strikes Ukrainian brigade gathered for award ceremony, many dead

According to Magyar, 25 Russian soldiers were killed and another 100 wounded in the Ukrainian attack, specifying that there should be an official confirmation from the Ukrainian army soon. He writes the following: “810th, feel the pain, we know for sure. For our boys” and advises to count the new obituaries in Crimea.

The Russian strike against the 128th Brigade

Meanwhile, an investigation by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense revealed that there were many safety procedures not followed in the case of the 128th Brigade. There were a lot of people congregating in one place, and there were also Russian reconnaissance drones detected in the vicinity and an explicit warning of an air alert that was ignored.

More: New Western data on Russian soldiers killed and wounded in Ukraine

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