Nikola Bushnyakov: There is no mechanism by which Borislav Mihailov can be recalled


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BFS weighed in from the start. There was no constructive moment. The whole way of electing the Executive Committee of the BFS is totally vicious“.

Nikola Bushniakov – editor and author in “Conservator” and vice-chairman of the “Levski na Levskarite” Association commented this to the BNR.

“All the football clubs in Bulgaria gather there and everyone has the right to one vote. We are talking about small teams from villages and palanquins, which are very easy to manipulate”, he explained and also added that there is no accountability of the heads of the BFS.

“Now we sit and wait for Borislav Mihailov to resign. There is no mechanism by which it can be revoked. He cannot be held accountable for results and failures“.

In an interview for the show “Before All”, Bushnyakov noted that it is these imperfections that allow the “Father” model to exist.

He also commented on the events of Thursday evening and the pogrom in Sofia. according to him the unification of different agitations was unprecedented. In his words there was no tension between them. Bushnyakov is adamant that if the crowd was in the stadium, everything would be much calmer.

According to him, a large part of “Levski” fans were at the protest, but not organized. To this day, we do not know who is the organizer of this protesthe emphasized.

This management of the Football Association must be removedNikola Bushniakov confirmed and said: “Let’s hold accountable the public instigators of the protest – these are exactly the leaders of the BFS and their arrogant attitude towards our entire society”.

Borislav Mihailov

According to him, if Mihailov remains in office, more such protests and scenes in the streets are possible. Whenever Borislav Mihailov leaves, it will be too late, he thinks.

And yet, Nikola Bushnyakov opined that we play decent football in view of the environment in which these players grow up as footballers.

“Nyes, we don’t have a material base, we don’t have methodologies, you see what the management of the federation is – these are 18 years, in which there follows an accumulation of failures, of poorly done work or not done at all, finally the leaders of football during this protest come out and say that they do not know what is happening and what and who people are protesting against”.

Listen to the entire interview in the audio file.

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