ZELENSKI SURVIVED SIX INSULTS FOR ASSASSINATION He says it’s like covid, the first time is the scariest


The Ukrainian president says that the first insult caused panic, but later it changed and became routine.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukrainian intelligence services had prevented at least five or six attempts to assassinate him. In an interview with the British “Sun” he compared the insults of an assassination attempt with a covid-19 infection.

– The first (assassination) is very interesting, because it is the first time, and then it is the same as covid – said Zelensky.
He said that the first insult caused panic, but later it changed and became routine.
– First, the intelligence people don’t know what to do with it and it looks very scary. And then, it’s just intelligence data in which they give you details that another group came to Ukraine to take offense to do that – said Zelensky.

It is a well-known story that Russian special forces parachuted into Kiev on the first day of Putin’s invasion last year, with the aim of killing Zelensky. Bodyguards of the Ukrainian president sealed off his office with improvised barricades and plywood sheets. But when British and American officials offered to evacuate the Ukrainian president out of the capital amid fears Kiev could fall within hours, he responded with the well-known line: “I need ammunition, not transport.”
Later, as fighting raged around Kiev, Zelensky stepped outside the compound to take a defiant selfie video that gathered the Ukrainian resistance proving he was still in the capital.


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