Budinov: Dunav does not have the level and qualities to surprise against Levski

Budinov: Dunav does not have the level and qualities to surprise against Levski
Budinov: Dunav does not have the level and qualities to surprise against Levski

Dunav striker Miroslav Budinov – shared his expectations for the upcoming meeting of the “dragons” with Levski in Ruse tomorrow for the Bulgarian Cup. He stated that it will be very difficult for them to eliminate the “blues”, but they will come out extremely motivated to achieve it.

In Danube, they are getting ready for Levski’s home team

The class is on their side, commented the boss of the “dragons” Diyan Dimov

“I am a realist and I think it will be quite difficult to remove Levski. We are facing a very classy team and at this moment I don’t think we have the necessary level and qualities to surprise. We are not writing off the match in any case, on the contrary. We will come out very motivated. There are a lot of young guys in Danube who want someone to notice them. I think now is the perfect time for that to happen. We saw some pretty interesting results in the Country Cup games. We haven’t given up and we have our chances. Although they are small. From here on the game will show what will happen. We have injured players who are missing. Really this match will be a bonus for us. Especially for the young guys who want to grow. They have the opportunity to play against one of the best teams in Bulgaria. I haven’t felt that there is an uplifted mood in the team. Probably from tomorrow (i.e. today) that will happen. In any case, there will be a lot of people in the stands. I hope there should be no anxiety among the players. There should be respect, but not too much for us to oppose. We should not go out as doomed because we can only win this fight. We have nothing to lose.

After all, we are the hosts and it will be a celebration for Ruse,” he told “Mach Telegraf”.

“We are familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. They also have a lot of staffing problems. With them, it is not so scary because there is someone to replace them. We have had about 13 people available for one or two months. With every single injury or punishment a player becomes a big mess. In the championship we won three in a row before the last defeat. In the Second League it is quite difficult because the forces are very even. There are always surprising results. Against the background of what our team is like, I think we are performing well. I am sure next half season we will be even better. The right players will be brought in and the level of the team will be raised. I think promotion to League One can be chased. A lot also depends on the last three games, which we will play this year. Nothing is known. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if we manage to fight for a place in the First League this season, but it is by no means at all costs. If we do, it will be a result of the results of the second half season as well as if the right players are taken. If we do not succeed, the place in the elite will be attacked from next year,” concluded Budinov.

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