Three police officers from the protest against the BFS have been suspended. Kalin Stoyanov: Everyone will be investigated


I thank the Prime Minister for confirming that the leader of a political party – Kiril Petkov, made an attempt to frame the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but I did not allow it, added Stoyanov

I do not tolerate and do not accept any form of violence – both against citizens and against police officers. Anyone who has shown violence will be investigated and punished. This was announced by Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov at a briefing on the occasion of the violence during the protest against the BFS.

“I have ordered internal checks. We need systematic work by psychologists with the police. They are under enormous pressure. I am 100% in the position of Prime Minister Acad. Nikolay Denkov, that this cannot be done and the guilty must be punished. I congratulate all conscientious employees, have mastered this unprecedented vandal aggression. You were insulted, spat on, you were pelted with bombs and yet you managed,” the minister pointed out.

As “24 Chasa” wrote yesterdaythe Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov is ready to resign if the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalin Stoyanov does not condemn the police violence at the protest against the BFS and does not punish the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who allowed themselves to beat people.

“I cannot accept being prime minister in a government that beats people in the street, as it used to be,” insisted the prime minister at a briefing in the Council of Ministers, where a regular meeting was held on measures to combat aggression and violence.

Earlier on Monday, GERB leader Boyko Borisov called on Denkov to resign if Stoyanov leaves the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

I thank the Prime Minister for confirming that the leader of a political party – Kiril Petkov, tried to recruit people in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but I did not allow it, added Stoyanov.

One of the checks for violence was ordered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the other by the minister and was carried out by the Directorate “Inspectorat” and the National Police, stated the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chief Commissioner Zhivko Kotsev. “We should not put all police officers under the same denominator. Please stop pitting the public against the police. We must together oppose aggression, hooliganism. Therefore, all colleagues who did their job in good faith and prevented much more damage can count on our support,” the chief secretary added. And he called on people who do not have expertise in the “Security” sector to stop playing politics.

In less than 48 hours, five people were found to be overstepping their rights. 3 have been removed from their positions, the others are under investigation. The suspended are a division commander and two senior police officers. The checks against others also continue, explained the head of the SDVR chief commissioner Lyubomir Nikolov.

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