ONLY ON PEAK TV! Carlos Contrera reveals – who is orchestrating the SOS split (UPDATED/LIVE)


The political crisis in the country is a fact. The “assembly” creaks menacingly, but the situation in the Metropolitan Municipal Council is no less unstable. Who will stand at the head of SOS, is there behind the scenes in the management of the capital and who is “keeping the fire” of the disunity.

The municipal councilor from VMRO Carlos Contrera commented on the situation in front of the top journalist Sonya Koltuklieva in the PIK TV studio.

“The “Yolovsky” scandal is quite interesting and it reveals the model by which the Change works. What happened with the deputy minister has a connection. And it is not just a connection for money, but for arranging influence through the ministry. We always have some problems with electronic management and with prescriptions and other things. How did the minister and the deputy minister appear – a correct question. For them, politics is alas-verish and a deal. Whether this person was threatened, let the institutions say. After he testified at the SGP, we are not witnesses to Kiril Petkov’s immunity being requested, because he is responsible,” commented Contrera.

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