Kralev: No one can save Borislav Mihailov anymore

Kralev: No one can save Borislav Mihailov anymore
Kralev: No one can save Borislav Mihailov anymore

The former sports minister and deputy from the PP GERB Krasen Kralev commented on the fan protest against the Bulgarian Football Union in the studio of Euronews Bulgaria.

“The government has a very serious task, you know why it was created – to defend our positions for our acceptance into Schengen and the Eurozone. The problem from a purely administrative one affecting the BFS has become political. It has long been clear that we have a problem with the management of football in the country and the football hooliganism. There is also a problem with the whole management of the sport in the last three years, which is now political. Many people have tried to use the tension between fans, BFS and club owners and stir up tension. I ask who is the real organizer of this protest? The Ministry of the Interior did not share with the public what operational information it has about what was being prepared, and they have people in all the agitations.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs took responsibility with the resignation of the deputy minister. Borisov is right that Denkov should also resign, because in such a force majeure the prime minister must give the tasks. Why did the mayor allow this protest? He could not give permission. It is a threat to people’s lives. They had information that violence was being prepared. Let’s see who pissed these people off, who is the organizer of the protest. I will tell you who it is – Ivaylo Grozev. He represents club Chernogorets (Noevtsi). I don’t know if the fans know that there is such a club at all. Let’s check about this person’s connections with Berbatov and Radostin Vassilev’s team.

I agree that patience has run out, no one can save Bobi Mihailov from resigning. But let us see the people behind this protest. There had been preparations for a week to carry out this commotion in the center of Sofia. Do you believe that a person from the village of Noevtsi in Perni can organize such a war in the center of Sofia? I do not believe. There are many unanswered questions. Everything makes me think that this protest is starting to be politicized. If we go back a little, you will see which minister went to the extraordinary congress of these people and what the connections are. The sports minister has a completely different role in this case. He has no direct involvement in the organization of this match. In this case, however, he must be a leader and a mediator,” he said.

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