LIVE: Andorra U19 – Bulgaria U19 2:1, complete turnaround for Andorra – BG Football – National Team

LIVE: Andorra U19 – Bulgaria U19 2:1, complete turnaround for Andorra – BG Football – National Team
LIVE: Andorra U19 – Bulgaria U19 2:1, complete turnaround for Andorra – BG Football – National Team

Andorra U19 and Bulgaria U19 play on score 2:1 in a decisive match for qualifying for the elite round for Euro 2024. The goal was the work of Slavia’s talent – Martin Georgiev. In the second half, Bora Font equalized.

Shortly after the equalizing goal, Christian Balov received a straight red card.

The Lionesses drew 0-0 with Scotland and Serbia in their first two qualifying group matches and a convincing win would see them out of the group. So far, the three teams have 4 points each. All matches are played in Albena and Varna.

In the other match, Scotland and Serbia will face each other and if they fail to win and Bulgaria wins, the three teams will collect 5 points each and then the goal difference will be considered. The first two teams continue, and the third will wait for the results in the other qualifying groups.

Andorra started the match a little better and in the 4th minute Karau tried a diagonal shot, but Alex Bozhev saved.

For the first 20 minutes, the “lion cubs” were behind in possession of the ball and rarely managed to reach something more dangerous offensively. Andorra’s juniors apparently had a better combination, but they also did not manage to threaten Bozhev.

After half a game, Andorra missed a 100 percent goal chance. Karau received a pass on the left flank and crossed parallel to the goal line. On the edge of the penalty area, Linares Boutarfas was involved, who intercepted the ball with the inside of his foot, but sent the ball over the goal.

The Lions got one of their few shots on goal in the 39th minute. Preslav Bachev tried a shot from about 30 meters, but it went wide.

Bulgaria opened the scoring in the 42nd minute. After a mix-up caused by the execution of a corner kick, the ball was cleared, but again reached Mihail Tsonev. He crossed in a wonderful way and found Martin Georgiev, who headed the ball into the net.

The second half did not start well for our boys. In just 6 minutes of play after the break, Andorra managed to equalize. Bora Font was forgotten at the second post and took advantage of a good pass to sign off.

Immediately after the goal, the bad news continued. Kristian Balov got himself a silly red card after deliberately kicking an opposing player.


1:0 Martin Georgiev 42′

1:1 Bora Font 51′

CK Christian Balov 54′

Andorra: 1. Meirelles, 18. Molins, 8. Acosta, 21. Rodriguez, 22. Bora Font, 15. Obiols Kamps, 10. Torne, 9. Linares Boutarfas, 6. Foch De La Rosa, 19. Carau, 11. Guma

Breeder Jesus Losendo

Bulgaria: 1. Alex Bozhev, 7. Zahari Atanasov, 6. Martin Georgiev, 5. Rosen Marinov, 3. Mikhail Tsonev, 18. Chung Nguyen Do, 8. Antoine Stoyanov, 14. Damian Yordanov, 22. Stefan Traikov, 11. Borislav Marinov , 9. Preslav Bachev

Breeder Yordan Petkov

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