The Prime Minister and the Minister of Sports welcome the chess queens of Europe (Live)


Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Minister of Youth and Sports Dimitar Iliev are at the VIP terminal of Sofia Airport to welcome our national women’s chess team.

Ours won a historic European title at the championship in Budva after a dramatic victory over Georgia on the last day of the championship in the Montenegrin resort.

The match yesterday started with a draw. A victory followed with the white pieces of Bulgaria, but Georgia equalized. In the last match, Gergana Peycheva won and brought the much-desired success to our country.

“I can’t believe it! We are the champions! The last few minutes were really tough because I won my game hours ago, but then the score was tied. The last game was Gerry’s. Things didn’t look too good, but we believe in her, we squeezed fingers crossed and she succeeded. I think this is the first time in 20 years that chess is so popular in Bulgaria. I am very happy that the response in the media is so positive,” said Antoineta Stefanova.

“It was a very nervous game. But Gergana is a great fighter and today he proved it again,” said Petar Arnaudov, coach of the national team.

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