Karen proposed to Zlatka Raykova at least three times

Karen proposed to Zlatka Raykova at least three times
Karen proposed to Zlatka Raykova at least three times

I have never followed extreme diets, with drastic deprivations. It’s not just a gene. Cutting back on meat is a very big factor in me maintaining a reasonably good body, I just don’t favor it as much as a type of food. Playmate Zlatka Raykova revealed this to Nova TV. Months ago she gave birth to her second son.

I have a wife who helps me. My mother too. The children are calm, the baby is gentle. The baby was a more complicated and difficult baby – with one sleepless night. You are now a little more relaxed with the second child. You don’t wonder why things happen. I reassure dads now that certain things are normal for a given period of baby development, she said, adding, “I see how over time the dad grows to love his son. Men need a little more time to accept being fathers and having new responsibilities”.

With Karen (b.b. Zlatka Raykova’s current husband) was introduced to us by Momchil – our hairdresser. He met us at a restaurant during the day. He had decided this was my man. The meeting was not accidental. He was just telling me about him and I said, “okay, let’s call him now and see who this Karen is”. And it hit. We got along right away, we lived together very quickly, said Raykova.

For her it was love at first sight, for him she is not sure.

I am the more mature person, I recognize people more. There is no reason why I should not trust again – both in intimate relationships and in friendships. No matter how disappointed I get, I would always give another person a second chance. I don’t like to give up, she explained after her breakup with Blagoi Georgiev, with whom she has her first son.

After 6 months of their relationship, Karen took her to Mykonos in a very beautiful hotel. “I expected something to happen, but I didn’t think it would be the first night. There was a surprise in the room after we got home from dinner,” says Raykova about the marriage proposal.

“It was very beautiful and romantic. The funny thing about the whole situation – he proposed to me about three times in the evening in question,” the playmate pointed out and specified that her husband knelt several times, and she asked if he had a question or not. Raikova emphasized that they both have a sense of humor and it was a lot of fun.

When she grumbled, he always answered with a smile and patience: “It deflects the situation and I either forget or feel embarrassed that I even brought it up. It’s very important that the person next to you knows how to balance you. It’s been like this since the very beginning”.

My bachelorette party was amazing. Credit for all the organization and all the parties around my pregnancy goes to the best man. For the wedding – I wanted to be Cinderella. I didn’t want to chase this sexy look that people expect from me. Rather, I wanted to be more romantic, simple. The dress was the first one I measured, said Raykova.

She also revealed that she recorded a song to surprise her husband during the wedding, which he loved.

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